Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Dance Monday

I think I know how this little girl feels, dancing in the sand. My d-i-l came and picked the boys up three hours early today. I don't know if any of you realize how rarely that ever happens. Even tho the boys and I were having a fun and busy day together, the east wind is blasting down on Portland again and it's way too cold to have taken the 'guys' out for a walk. So, once she picked them up, I leashed up Chloe dog and she and I went out for a long, glorious walk in all that wind. Even tho it's cold, the sky is clear and blue and the sun is shining so brightly it's almost blinding. I came back in. I vacuumed. And now I'm sitting here enjoying a bit of time on the computer before Dear Hubby arrives home and dinner time will be upon me. It's my daughter's day off and she's out and about so I have the house to myself and it's so P.E.A.C.E.F.U.L.

One of the Christmas gifts our son and d-i-l gave to us is a weekend away at our favorite motel at the beach. We haven't scheduled a time just yet but I think we'll probably go next month. I can't believe what Dear Hubby asked me yesterday. He asked me if I wanted to go alone!! "Whyever for?!?" I asked him. He said the kids had given us this gift mainly as a thank you for all the long hours I take care of the boys and he thought maybe I'd enjoy just having a few days of peace and quiet by myself. I did that once back in the 80s when I had a horribly stressful job and even tho I took along a ton of books and writing stuff, I ended up spending 5 days sitting at the table staring out at the sea. I was so wiped out. I don't think I ever want to do that again. So I very adamantly told him, "NO!!! You're coming, too." Which is just exactly what he wanted to hear anyway. But every now and then these men of ours need to be told that, I think.

Saturday I rode along with Dear Hubby to the archery club he belongs to in Scappoose. While he walked thru the range a few times I kicked back and began reading a book that I'd put on hold at the library and picked up on Friday. It's called "Dancing with Rose" by Lauren Kessler and it is absolutely fantastic. What a writer! I can understand why her book "Stubborn Twig" was chosen for Oregon Reads...I have a link to that one in my sidebar if you're interested in checking it out. That one was actually my next-to-read book on my stack and would've been if this one hadn't come in from the library. With so little reading time, I decided to start this one instead because it'll need to go back in a few weeks whereas "Stubborn Twig" is one I can read at my own leisure. I already have a friend I'll be passing that one on to when I finish it. But...back to "Dancing...". It's non-fiction and is about Lauren's experience working in an Alzheimer's facility. That's all I'm going to tell you because you most definitely need to read it yourselves. I found myself sitting there thinking back on my own experiences with my dying mother. I found myself crying. From the first page it swept me right into the story and it's great. I can't praise it enough and I can't wait to find another little pocket of time where I can sit down and really immerse myself in to it again.

Well, Dear Hubby should be arriving any minute. Time to toss some more laundry in and get busy on some dinner. I thoroughly loved this 'gift' of time alone. But reality is nice, too. I've got the coffee on and I still love seeing Dear Hubby's truck drive up at the end of the day.


Donna said...

I babysat my daughter's two girls for three years. I love them, but it did wear on me. I need lots of alone time!

Lynda said...

Time at home alone is heavenly!

Melissa B. said...

I've read about Dancing with Rose...I'll have to pick it up! So, as an old PDX hand, I have to ask you: Are you going to Canon Beach or Lincoln City, or where? Perhaps to eat some cheese in Tillamook?

Lynette said...

I love your blog! It's like sitting down to talk with you, I'm sure. I know you two will thoroughly enjoy the motel at the beach, I just know it! Thanks for telling us about the book, too.

Tess said...

Your joy is contagious... even in the midst of life's little crazy circle... and I visit here with a smile always :)