Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ohhhhhhh...I LOVED this! And yes, I'm old!

My cousin Ginger sent these to me in an email this morning and I loved my trip down Memory Lane so much I decided to share these with my readers. I'm sure there are others out there who'll remember a lot of these with fond memories of play time and family stories concerning some of them. Such as this wringer washer. We had one when I was very little. And my mom told me about one that they owned when she was a little girl and my grandmother got one of her breasts caught in the wringer! And women think being full-breasted is so great!

TV Test Pattern

Topo Gigio from the "Ed Sullivan Show"

We NEVER missed Ed Sullivan on Sunday nites!

Tinker Toys

Timmy & Lassie

Door-to-door Fuller Brush Men childhood best friend's mom had one of these.

Speedy Alka Seltzer

Sky King and his niece Penny.

Roller Skate Key

Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorders

Penny Candy.

The 5 & Dime store in my home town had a huge display table


of penny candy.

Some even two or three for a penny!

Old Yeller

Metal Ice Cube Trays with Levers

Marlin Perkins from

Mutual of Omaha's

"Wild Kingdom"

Lincoln Logs

Jiffy Pop popcorn

Gum Wrapper Chains

S & H Green Stamps

You redeemed them at Green Stamp Stores.
We got some for a wedding gift and I redeemed them
for a clothes iron and a table lamp

Flash Bulbs

Fire Escape Tubes

The hospital I was born in had one just like this one.

Drive In Restaurants

Erector Sets

Drive in Movies

Ding Dong!

Avon Calling!

Pop Guns

Cigarettes for Christmas

Both of my parents smoked

like chimneys

when I was a kid.

Chef Boy Ar Dee Spaghetti in a can

Chatty Cathy Dolls

My childhood best friend also had a

Charming Chatty doll

Car Hops


A little dab'll do ya!
They'll love to run their fingers thru your hair. !

Brownie Camera

Beany & Cecil Cartoon Show

Aluminum Christmas Trees

with Color Wheels

45 rpm record spindles

15 cent McDonald Hamburgers

5 Cent Postage Stamps

5 Cent Packages of Baseball Cards

...and how about The Beatles

Bubble Gum Cards???

I had tons of those.

5 Cent Cokes


4evergapeach said...

Oh My! I can't believe I actually remember some of those. It's funny because a friend wore a t-shirt with that 45 insert shape on it and nobody knew what it was except I recognized it immediately! I'm sorry, I refuse to admit that I'm old, not yet anyway. I figure if I ignore it then it will go away. LOL! Hope all is well with you!

Judy said...

Love it!

Donna said...

All of those are familiar to me. I washed with a wringer washer until 1975.

Tess said...

Oh, goodness... thank you so much for sharing these! I spent many happy hours sitting at the kitchen table sorting and sticking Green Stamps with my grandmother... and Chatty Cathy... oh heavens, I loved her.

You can still buy Lincoln Logs and TinkerToys... have some stashed away for my someday grandchildren. And I love Cracker Barrel because of the nostalgic candies and treats I can find there...

You brought a smile to my world today!

Alaine said...

Even I miss some of those things - and I'm a LOT younger :) The fire escape tube looks like fun. I wonder why they did away with those!

Marilyn said...

Green Stamps!
I loved Green Stamps.

Suburbia said...

Oh, I'd love a uk version of all that!

Danielle Says Hello said...

Oh I absolutely loved this post also!!!!!!!!!!!

4evergapeach said...

Okay, I'm now on Facebook, whatever the heck that is! Please don't tell me I just started something I have to keep up with. You see how well I keep up with my blog! LOL So what do I do now?

Dori said...

Okay, so...I'm NOT old, but we had a wringer washer when we first moved to Tanzania. My son LOVES his Lincoln Logs! And the Studebaker? All I can think of is Fonzy Bear in the Muppet Movie! :D

Greta said...

Thanks for this incredible post!!! The gum wrapper chain - hey - did anyone else make those chains as long as your boyfriend is tall?? This was like at 14, so the boyfriend was really just someone I had a crush on! But the chain was fun!

Brenda Susan said...

Hey thanx for re-posting this! What a fun walk into my childhood!