Sunday, February 15, 2009

In Heaven's Eyes

A fervent prayer rose up to heaven, a fragile soul is losing ground
Sorting through this earthly babble, heaven heard the sound
This was a life with no distinction, no successes, only tries
Yet gazing down on this unlovely one, there was love in heaven’s eyes

In heaven’s eyes, there are no losers,
In heaven’s eyes no hopeless cause
Only people like you with feelings like me
Amazed by the grace we can find
In heaven’s eyes

A restless child, a wayward father, a lonely traveler in the rain
When life goes on and no one bothers, heaven feels the pain
Looking down, He sees each heart ache, knows each sorrow, hears each cry
And looking up, we see compassion’s fire ablaze in heaven’s eyes

In heaven’s eyes, there are no losers,
In heaven’s eyes no hopeless cause
Only people like you with feelings like me
And we’re amazed by the grace we can find
In heaven’s eyes!

~~ Sandi Patti ~~

I heard this in church this morning and it really resonated in my heart. After almost losing our brother-in-law on Friday -- it took 7 'jump starts' to get his heart to beat again -- I've been doing a lot of thinking about Eternity, especially since he said, "You know how you hear about people saying there's a bright light ahead of you when you're dying? Well, it's true. I saw it." And he's a man who's never had much, if any, spiritual guidance in his 48 years on earth. As I sat in my pew listening to these words, I began to think how it wouldn't hurt me to reprioritize my jump off this wild merry-go-round I've been on these past few years and just slow down. Sure, I smell the roses a lot with my little grandsons, but I neglect my own needs so much. So little time, so much to do. I'm always putting myself on the back burner. That's not necessarily a healthy thing to do, spiritually or physically or mentally. So I'm beginning to sort thru the 'stuff' that clutters my life and I'm determined, with God's help, to focus a little more on me now.


Donna said...

You go, girl! Life here on earth is short.

Judy said...

I hear you loud and clear!

And, I just have to thank you for recommending that I read "Dancing with Rose".


4evergapeach said...

Your brother-in-law was given that rare gift of being able to see that there is something after this life and we need to be ready for it. Most of us just take it for granted. I also have been trying to re-prioritize my life. But one thing I've learned - it's a slow process. You would like to just jump in and make that change all at once, but sometimes it's take 2 steps forward and 1 step back. That's ok as long as you keep moving forward. Best of luck to you and may God be your guide.

jutka said...

Sorry you're having a hard time lately, it's time for you to slow down for sure. Good luck!

Danielle Says Hello said...

If you need someone to talk with about the journey of re-prioritizing just give me a holler....I have been on that road going on more than a few years now...I am moving forward every single day...always here for you to bounce things off of ;)

Melissa B. said...

I've been thinking quite a lot recently about putting myself first more. I think as we get older we have more room for re-arranging, if not a complete makeover!

Suburbia said...

Sounds a perfect idea. I think I have come to realise the same thing recently. Keep your promise to yourself :)

Missy Moo said...

Hi Kris,
Just a quick note, I havent seen you on facebook, and then realised I can't even find your name on my friends list. Is this part of getting "your life" into order. I do know that it can take alot of good spare time off you especially when you can be doing other things. I just find that this is my "wind down" time from work as it is getting so physical, I need to just sit down and chill. I will try and get an email away to you this week. Hope this finds you well. Love to all
Missy Moo xx