Saturday, February 14, 2009

Is it Valentine's Day ALREADY?!?

2008 was a hard year for us, as far as personal issues go. Dear Hubby lost his Dad. I had two major surgeries. We lost 4 neighbors. Another neighbor almost died. On and on the list goes. We were hoping 2009 would start out on a calmer, smoother note. I don't think so.

So far, since around Christmas time, we've had one close family member go thru major cancer surgery who is now facing chemo treatments twice weekly for the next 6 months. We lost an uncle who was very dear to us just a few weeks ago. There have been some personal issues I've had heavy on my heart that don't concern me directly but hit close to home so I've been burdened for that. One of our brothers-in-law suffered a massive heart attack yesterday and barely survived. He's expected to recover after having surgery but there was a lot of damage done to his heart so we're not sure how this will affect his life. A dear friend lost her husband last week. On and on this list goes as well.

So...when I say I've been swamped that's putting it a bit mildly, I think, but on top of the long hours with the grandboys there's been precious little time to sit down and attempt to catch my breath. I say "attempt" because I don't feel as if I have for a long time now. I got an email from my cousin telling me to 'slow down!' and believe me, I would if I could. I'd come here and write more often if I could. I'd do a lot of things if I could. But I can't. So it doesn't do any good to complain. You go with the flow and maintain and that's about the best you can do.

I did have a very nice thing happen this week, tho. I've become friendly with a young mother at my church whose little boy Jesse is in Dylan's Sunday School class. A few weeks ago we got to talking about how both Jess and Dylan need more exposure to other kids their age and I told her how difficult that is to do, being a stay-at-home Grandma and not having a circle of young moms like I'd had when I was raising my own kids to visit and interact with. I told her I'd taken Dylan to a Play Time at a local community center and she said she'd like to do something like that with Jesse as well. With it being the small world that it is, her husband happens to work for the same company my son does, so I had my son ask her husband for their phone number. When I saw her at church last Sunday, I asked if she'd be interested in coming over and visiting so we could get Jesse and Dylan acquainted with each other and she very quickly agreed to it. So I called her and the two of them came over Tuesday morning, I think it was, and ended up staying for a couple of hours and we all had a great time. Even tho she's only 30 we have - surprisingly - a lot in common so we chatted up a storm while the boys played very well together, as much as two 2-year-olds can. They're still pretty much playing near each other at this stage of the game, but they managed to do it very peaceably. We're planning on getting together and doing other things as well. I really, really need this for myself, too. When I go to bed at nite and dream of Curious George and now Spongebob Squarepants as well...well, I think I need some time with at least another adult during the day here and there. Especially these past few months where we've been housebound most of the time.

I taught Dylan how to play "Statues" yesterday. He loved it.

I have a note to myself lying here next to the computer that I jotted down yesterday about "Money/Jesus" that I wanted to write about - or at least mention on my blog. I sat here staring at it for a full minute before I remembered what it was I wanted to say about it. Now it's come to me. You know, with this huge stimulus bill being in the news front and center for the past few weeks, I don't think we have any idea just how much money that equals out to. At least I know my little peanut brain had no concept of it. Dear Hubby happened to hear on one of his talk radio shows he listens to on the way home from work just how much it is, in layman terms, so the radio host's listening audience could grasp it. It would equal out to one million dollars per day being spent from the time Jesus was on earth until right now. I still am having a hard time digesting that one. I'm tickled if I have an extra $50 in the bank by the time the next paycheck rolls around.

And so it goes on this Valentine's Day. It's just past 6 am and I'll be leaving to buy groceries in an hour. Dear Hubby has gone sturgeon fishing with his cousin on the Willamette River today. I'll be baby sitting the grandboys most of the afternoon so my son and his wife can go out to a nice lunch and a movie together to celebrate the day.

I'm tired.


Donna said...

Speaking as a grandmother who babysat two granddaughters for a couple of years, I think you need a break from babysitting.

Judy said...

Oh, Kris.

I dream about "The Wiggles".

Vaguely, I remember that I used to know how to play the piano, made my own greeting cards and thought the occasional deep thought.