Monday, February 23, 2009

Time...maybe beginning to be on my side....

If I'd known my computer glitch would end up being so simple to fix I'd have done it a month ago. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh. But the only time I could contact my internet server was during the work week during work hours. Try carrying on a technical conversation with someone while a teething 10-month-old and an almost-3-year-old who doesn't like Grandma getting on the phone at any time are clamoring for attention at your feet. The word "impossible" comes to mind. Today is my daughter's day off so she decided to give them a call and see if she could find out what the problem has been. It ended up being an unneeded filter on the phone line that was causing a connection 'error'. All we had to do was unhook the filter and connect directly to the phone jack. Duh! Since then, our internet service has been breezing along uninterrupted and almost at the speed of light! Not only had it caused our connection time to be sporadic at best, it had slowed my system down to dial-up speed. Since I'm paying something like $40 per month for high-speed service, that was beyond ridiculous. Early this morning I'd tried to download some photos my friend Karen had sent to me of her brand-new granddaughter but as I started the process, it showed it'd take almost 4 minutes to do one. Not enough time for me, not at that hour. When I came on this evening and tried downloading them again, it took 18 seconds. So. I am BACK!!!!!! This is one HUGE stressor out of my life!

I am enjoying my Bible reading and Yoga in the morning so much I've also decided to change my wake up time to 3:30 am. I know...for most people that sounds crazy...but I've been getting up anywhere from 3:30 to 4:30 for the past 30 years, depending on Dear Hubby's work schedule. We're just a couple of real early birds. And getting up early all these years has given me a great love for spectacular sunrises and very peaceful hours. I'd been getting up at 4 when I was taking care of Dylan by himself because my daughter-in-law would bring him over between 6 and 6:3o so I'd have a couple of hours to eat and do my early morning chores. Since I began taking care of Cooper, tho, she and my son have been working so many hours the usual time of arrival now is right around 5:30. I've been finding myself rushed and distracted and tense -- I don't like starting my day that way. So I told Dear Hubby I'm going to start getting up half an hour earlier. Now that my computer's working again, I might even get online!!! Woooooo hooooo!

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but that's not true. I've always been a person with a strong mindset and when I decide to do something, I do it. These almost insignificant changes in the whole scope of my life don't amount to much, really, but I'm already reaping the benefits from them. I've never found any satisfaction in being too stubborn and bullheaded to get out of a rut and find a new path. Change is not necessarily a bad thing. Especially since having such a health-challenged year like last year. I am listen to my body and let it guide me to make healthier choices, physically and emotionally.

I spotted this Meme at Suburbia's this evening and it kind of fits in with the way my brain is traveling right now so I thought I'd do it:

I Am: willing to admit I'm wrong.
I Want: to live to see my grandsons grow to adulthood.
I Have: more than I deserve.
I Wish: I had the answers for all of Dylan's questions.
I Fear: becoming stagnant.
I Hear: more than I let on that I do.
I Search: my heart often.
I Wonder: about so many things my mind is constantly in motion.
I Regret: the times I've unintentionally hurt someone.
I Love: unconditionally and completely.
I Always: put others before me, not always to my benefit.
I Usually: try to do things myself before I ask for help.
I Am Not: an easy person to get to know.
I Dance: a lot when I'm by myself.
I Sing: in my heart when I'm happy.
I Never: go to bed angry.
I Rarely: cry.
I Cry: when something truly touches me.
I Am Not Always: as strong as everyone thinks I am.
I Need: the Lord to direct my path every day.
I Should: tell those I love that I do love them more often than I do.

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Blog Stalker said...

So glad it was an easy fix!

I may "borrow" your little meme. It is a good one!

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