Friday, February 27, 2009


I dreamt last nite I got a big package in the mail,
only to find when I opened it a book called:
"How to Twitter"
I mean, really.
As if I need another time waster.


Judy said...

Oh, Kris!

That REALLY made me laugh!

Suburbia said...

That's funny!!

Are you going to sign up?

Mrs Parks said...

I have it, but I don't understand why.

Donna said...

A dream, eh?

Twitter doesn't do much for me. I'm not able to be that brief. I'd rather do six blog entries per day and bore people THAT way.

Linda said...

Now that's funny....twitter has even found a way for wasting time in a dream...

4evergapeach said...

I know I'm going to embarrass myself, but....what's Twitter?