Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another one of Patrick's "Saturday Six" done on Sunday...

Oh well.

I've always been a day late and a dollar short but I like this one;

1. When you write on your blog, are you more often trying to entertain, inform or persuade? I'm just trying to keep my sanity by decompressing and putting my thoughts in some kind of order at the end of my hectic days. When I find the time and my computer cooperates, that is. This is also a 'living legacy' for my two grandsons someday as well.

2. Do you feel you’re successful most of the time? It definitely helps me relax, so I'd say yes. I have no clue whatsoever how many people stop by so I don't know if I'm 'successful' or not in 'attracting' readers. But the ones whose lives I've connected with thru my blog are very dear to me.

3. Do you consider yourself to be more bold online than in person, or the other way around? I've stated many times that what I write is who I am. I really feel that's true but, if my daughter reads this and wants to put her two cents in about that, she would probably know best of all.

4. Who would be most embarrassed if they read your blog? I don't think I've really ever embarrassed anyone I love. If anything, they ought to be pleased by what they read. I love them all and when I write about them, I try to convey that to whoever is reading.

5. Take the quiz: What Kind of Communicator Are You?

You Communicate Clearly

You're the type of person who thinks before you talk. You speak in an ordered, insightful, and concise way.

You speak authoritatively and with conviction. If you take the time to say something, you stand behind it.

You only say what you need to. You believe that your words are strongest when they're not diluted.

When you have a lot to say, you map out your words ahead of time. You prefer to speak in bullet points.

6. What do you think has been the biggest change in your online writing in the past year? As far as content's concerned, I've generally stayed the same. As far as quality of my writing, there's always room for improvement.


Jess said...

Hi I'm visiting from Donna at Just Me ...and i was going to say that I enjoy your blog so far.. and I hope you have an enjoyable day!

I have also had bad encounters with "christians..." saying that lightly as well.. and I just try to move on and not let it ruin my other good friends!

Have a blessed week

Liz said...

I communicate passionately. And because I can't resist silly quizzes i also found out that if I were a road sign I'd be Detour. Sounds about right to me!