Friday, March 6, 2009

Do Wah Diddy....

What kind of a week have I had so far, you ask?

Chloe dog - who is still here but caged when the kids are eating and HATING it - peed on our new comforter. And I mean saturated it. Marking new territory, don'tcha know. A $25 bill at the dry cleaner's.

Dear Hubby has some kind of virus that's wiped him out and causes him to have difficulty breathing. I'm thinking it might be a combination of seasonal allergies, too. He was home all day yesterday but where do you go in this household during the day for quiet? I wish I knew. He spent most of the day down in his den but then he had the sound of running and stomping feet overhead all day.

Darling Dylan threw a monumental temper tantrum. He's just a week away from turning 3 and I thought we'd bypassed the "Terrible Two's". Silly Grandma.

I bought our lunches at Burger King yesterday. Bad, bad choice. I think I got food poisoning or maybe it's because we've been eating so healthy lately that my stomach rebelled against junk food. How do people live on that stuff?

It's Friday and I'm exhausted, but what's new about that? It just makes me appreciate my weekends all the more.

But Dear Hubby is on call this weekend which means he'll be around to do stuff with so maybe we'll make it to a couple of thrift stores and go out for coffee or something. I can live with that just fine.


Donna said...

Wow, peed on your comforter? ACK! I guess I'll keep the dog I have; at least peeing in the wrong places isn't one of her faults.

Cliff's favorite fast burger (except for home-made) is the Whopper. He hasn't had one for years, though. I'm not much for fast-food joints, unless you count KFC. And we stay away from there, too, except maybe once a year for my birthday.

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Sorry to say this, but I'm glad I'm not you. Hope all gets better for you.

Judy said...

We had a three-year-old melt down here yesterday too.

Someone wanted mommy.

He has hit the point where the longer the nap, the worse of an attitude he wakes up with.

Oh well. Playing outside with grandpa made it ALL better.