Friday, March 13, 2009

I think I've forgotten the meaning of sitting still. Unless my fingers are on a keyboard, I am incapable of remaining in a chair for more than a few minutes. Well, except at the end of my weekdays when I'm eating dinner. I might make it for half an hour then, catching my second wind to go start in on the dishes and deal with garbage/recycling and laundry before heading for bed. I find it very difficult to find a movie or TV show interesting enough to keep my attention, to keep me seated. I am forever restless, it seems.

Today I was childless. I took Chloe dog out for a long walk not long after sunrise, then spent a couple hours doing some much-neglected clipping on dead stalks and branches. In the freezing east wind. But oh, it was so invigorating! I can't say I worked up a sweat because it was too cold for that but it sure felt good stretching and using muscles that the gardener in me has missed putting to work for too long a time. I miss my gardens. And, by the looks of them, they're missing me, too, but that's another area of my life on the back burner for right now.

I gave Chloe a poor man's grooming today...I took the scissors to her. For such a high-strung, high-maintenance dog she shocked me by standing still on the towel I spread on the floor for the entire haircut. It wasn't until I finished that she peed on the carpet. Dear Hubby often tells me she's so devoted to me she'd gladly die for me and I think she would. So I clip-clipped here and clip-clipped there and, half an hour later, had quite a pile of black and white fur to dispose of. Since I'd used an old ratty towel I'd stuck in the rag drawer, I just folded it all up and put it in the garbage. I wasn't too sure how good a job I'd do when I first started out but after a bath she's looking mighty fine. Maybe I missed my calling in life and should've been a barber.

Dear Hubby's been asking me the past couple of evenings if I'm "OK". Yes, I'm ok. I've been unusually quiet, tho. Not that I'm a chatterbox by any means, but I usually comment here and there on whatever he's watching on TV at dinner time. He's managed in the past two weeks to point out a couple of conversational flaws I have so I've decided unless I have something significant to say I won't say anything. Can't get in to trouble that way, can I? It has him mystified, tho. My flaws, you ask? Well, one is that I have an alternative solution to everything. He doesn't understand why I even bother to ask for his opinion because I end up doing what I was going to do in the first place. The other is talking too much about "yesterday's news". Meaning I've been ranting about Chloe dog's misbehavior over and over again. Well, since she continues to be a stinker most days, I'm certainly not going to repeat myself about that anymore. As for alternative solutions, I can't help it if my mind goes in a million directions at once and I'm constantly thinking and voicing what's whizzing thru my brain cells. But now I'll keep those brain cells to myself, thank you very much. And I'm being very diplomatic and not pointing out his conversational flaws. Good wife that I am.


Oh well. Marriages, even good ones, have their moments. And I seem to be stuck in one of them. At the moment.


Mike S said...

When my better half gets that way I find it best to join her in the shared silence. No anger, just no arguments over silly stuff. We both open back up after a few days of much needed (usually) ear resting & tongue holding;)

4evergapeach said...

Oh how I can identify! I am going through the same thing Kris. I am a talker, not a chatter box, but I seem to be very poor at making small talk. Chat to me anytime!

Loretta said...

We've had those moments(days) too. If I don't talk he wants to know what's wrong...there's nothing wrong but sometime I just feel like being quite, he doesn't seem to get that. You would think after 40 years he would.

Melissa B. said...

Mr. Fairway & I can go for hours without a convo. We're just comfortable with each other that way. Don't like the metaphor of an old shoe or an old dog, but sometimes it's true. Don't forget mañana's Sx3!

dkzody said...

After a terrible week when I said things I shouldn't have, I think it's time for me to be very quiet. At least I've not yelled at my husband, just everyone else in my life.

Suburbia said...

That first paragraph used to be me!! Now, because my life is a bit of a mess, so is my mind! I am doing stuff but none of it is constructive!