Monday, April 20, 2009

A bit of unneeded excitement....

I've noticed the past few weeks that whenever our microwave was done heating something up it'd make kind of a weird 'clunk' sound as it turned off and began cooling down. Then I noticed the dish of margarine I had sitting on the top had melted down quite a bit. Hmmmmmmm.

Last evening Dear Hubby put a packet of microwave popcorn inside to pop. About halfway thru the cycle he yelled, "FIRE!" and the kitchen began to fill up with the most acrid, stinking smoke. Plus the packet of popcorn was in flames inside. I yanked the plug out of the wall and I've never seen Dear Hubby pick something up and toss it outside a door so fast in my life as he did the microwave oven! Windows flew open. Fans were turned on. And several hours later it finally smelled like 'home' again.

Thank goodness we still have a house to call home!


Mary Q said...

You're such a descriptive writer, Kris, that I could picture that entire series of events -- from the initial clunks and the melting margarine to the rapid-fire pitch of the offending appliance out the door -- from start to finish! Hope your replacement behaves itself for a good, long time! (Hope you had a great beach visit too! I'm envious!)

Judy said...

I agree with Mary Q.

I saw the WHOLE thing unfold right before my mind.

So thankful this story has a happy ending!

Liz said...

Scary! When I was about 8 and visiting a cousin who was rich and had a television(!) their television burst into flames while we were watching it.

Lynette said...

Oh, boy! That was too close for comfort, wasn't it? You certainly painted a vivid word picture. Nice job.

Thanks for stopping by. Today's post will be late, while I'm watching the Blazers probably. I volunteered at PCPA last night and came home tired, so I didn't get to set up today's post.