Sunday, April 12, 2009

Flux: 1. a flowing or flow. 2. Continuous change, passage, movement

I haven't written here in a week now. In the past that would've put me into a state of near panic. Am I drying up? Have I finally run out of words to say, thoughts to share? No.

I'm in a state of flux. It began a month or so ago when I decided I needed to reprioritize my Life a bit. To regain some control of myself. To calm down. To let go. To decide what areas are important and what areas aren't so important. And I'm finding that by doing so, I'm finally regaining a sense of peace and stability in my life again. I am no longer spinning on an axis I can't seem to get off. Life itself isn't any less busy but I am less busy, and therein lies the change.

And here it is, Easter morning. Christ is risen, just as He said. And I am rising out of the ashes, having found what's important, what keeps me centered and sane.

And I am content with that.


Liz said...

Good for you, kris. x

4evergapeach said...

You sound quite content. I'm happy for you. I have my moments like that then other times I feel my life is so...disorganized. Oh well, I seem to manage. It is good to hear from you though! Happy Easter!