Monday, April 20, 2009

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words...

I'd like you to go take a peek at Lynette's photos. She and her Mama are transplanted that what people from Mississippi are called?...who've lived here in Portland for a while. Lynette is great at capturing Portland life and what I like about her photography is she views it from a little different perspective than we long-time/native Oregonians do, I think. She catches a lot of the quirky stuff we take for granted. Portland is a And Lynette lets the whole world see it.

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Lynette said...

You sweet thing! Mama and I are honored no end by this generous mention of us and our newly beloved home city of Portland. One correction, though, please. We're from Mississippi, but we do love Louisiana almost as much!

I have to tell you something neat that happened on Saturday. We were eating lunch at the Red Robin at Mall 205 so that we could support the Special Olympics' Tip-a-Cop fund raiser. As we waited for our dessert, a lovely, white-haired woman wearing a vivid blue top walked up to the table and said, "Hello, I'm Karen from Stayon, and I recognize you two from the Portland blog." Well, you could've knocked us both over with a feather! She went on to say that she'd recognized Mama as she walked by to be seated and then saw me photographing my lunch! Then she said that she'd moved to Stayton from Portland and that the blog was like taking a trip home.

So, where I'm trying to go is this, two special Oregonians have paid tribute to our humble curious selves, and we're thrilled. Thanks so you both!

I'll have those photos on the blog soon!