Thursday, April 2, 2009

The "Welcome Wagon" Ladies

We blog writers are always thankful for those faithful readers who come by and read what we say - or what we don't have to say - on a regular basis. And it's always nice to open up the Comments and find someone new who's brave enough to say hello!


Welcome, Jennifer and MamaHenEm !

Speaking of "Welcome Wagon" "Welcome Wagons" still exist?! I remember when my family moved to Vancouver in the mid-60's, two "Welcome Wagon" ladies stopped by to welcome our family with all kinds of little goodies from merchants all over town.

Now, wouldn't this world be a better place if that still happened in communities?

When's the last time you reached out and welcomed a new neighbor?


Donna said...

How about the last time I glared at a neighbor? Does that count as reaching out?

I'm such a loner!

Liz said...

I've never heard of welcome wagons but they sound like a good idea!

Dori said...

We're the new ones on the block here. All three sides of us are original owners or offspring of original owners and the neighbourhood is over 80-years-old! The day we moved the old man neighbour from across the street came over, introduced himself and gave us a jar of his bee's honey. They were all quite delighted to see our little one and now little ones! They're also all hard of hearing so our Harleys revving up don't seem to bother anyone! :D