Thursday, May 21, 2009

10 Honest Things About Me....

Because she doesn't like to pick and choose she didn't exactly select me for this but I liked it so I'm going to use it...that would be Donna. I have only half an hour until I need to get buzzing around here, preparing for the grandboys so let's see how fast my brain is functioning at 4:30 am:

1. I used to identify myself as shy. But as I'm getting older and more introspective I think I'll just label myself as "quiet". I can be very vocal and assertive when I need to be. Which isn't often. But I am not afraid to be so when the time arrives.

2. Sometimes when I go down to do laundry and I'm home alone, if I realize the clothes I have on could use a good washing, I'll strip down to the nitty-gritty and toss everything in the washer. It's very liberating to do by clothes.

3. I cannot stand to eat any other chicken noodle soup than Campbell's. Well, my homemade is my favorite but that's not a 'brand'.

4. I get very annoyed with rambling conversations, tho I don't show it for politeness' sake. Get to the point and get done with it! Trouble is, I have a tendency to ramble on myself sometimes.

5. I am not a control freak but I do love order.

6. I am still a hippie at heart.

7. I never went to a high school dance or prom.

8. I still love to see Dear Hubby's truck pull up to the curb at the end of his day. And I'll be married 35 years next month!

9. Motherhood scared me. Grandmotherhood fulfills me.

10. I am an incurable observer of life. Humanity fascinates me!


Donna said...

Strange; I read the post you did after this, but somehow missed this one.

Number 7 is me also. Not only that, I never had a single date during high school. I remember one boy asking me out, and I turned him down rather rudely. Truth is, I was afraid I didn't know how to act on a date. My whole life I've felt as though if someone really gets to know me, they won't like me. Which is probably why I push most folks away before they get too close.

Lynda said...

Thank you for a glimpse of "you."

Dori said...

If I could add on any room in this house it would be a "mud room" at the back door...our washing machine is right there in the kitchen which means we strip down right there in the kitchen if it's been a particularly dirty, muddy, wet day out in the yard--which is to say just about everyday with these guys!

Humanity fascinates me as well! Think that's why I love airports and blogs so much...what an amazing glimpse into peoples lives.

Judy said...

Loved your list!

verabear said...

I would love to strip down all the time - with the heat and all, hehe :)

I'm quite a long way from either motherhood or grandmotherhood, but I am so looking forward to both :)

Lynette said...
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