Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day....

I snitched this photo from my daughter's's a sunset taken out of the window of the motel she stayed in at Lincoln City during her vacation a week or so ago. Isn't it gorgeous? Sometimes I think the weather on the Oregon Coast is more beautiful in May than it is in the summer!

I arrived home a little while ago from a very spur-of-the-moment trip to the beach with my daughter-in-law and grandsons for the weekend. It was wonderful...perfect weather - in May again, of course - and we were able to do a little shopping at the outlet mall. Well, my d-i-l did the shopping because I'm not much for retail shopping. I walked the boys around the mall in their tandem stroller and freed her up so she could shop in peace. Dylan and I took a drive to the beach itself on our own yesterday afternoon and spent two hours frolicking in the sand and the edge of the surf. He had the time of his life and we had an absolute blast! We also drove to Newport early yesterday morning and went to the Aquarium there. With Dylan being so enthralled with Spongebob Squarepants at the moment, seeing all the 'real' versions of his favorite cartoon characters - especially the jelly fish and octopus - really intrigued him. We made about half a dozen trips back to the octopus before we left. The 4 of us were tucked in bed around 6:30 last nite...first Cooper plopped out of bed on to the carpet around 3:30 am and Dylan followed suit a couple hours later. I told my d-i-l we're destined to have babies fall out of bed whenever we go anywhere. The last time we went for a weekend together, Dylan rolled out!When they awoke this morning around 6, she and I packed up and drove home. In the middle of the packing-up-and-heading-out bustle I piped up and said, "By the way, Happy Mother's Day!" and we both began to chuckle at my timing on that one! Arrived home safe and sound an hour or so ago.

What is not said in this one is volumes. So much going on in real life right now. But it was so nice to have this time away and alone with my d-i-l. We really needed time to reconnect. And the boys were so good.

So, Happy Mother's Day, all my moms out there in bloggy-land and cyberspace! I'm alone and it's peaceful as I write this. The sun's shining. I am counting my blessings.


4evergapeach said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! And you sound...happy? No, more than that, you sound complete. Does that make sense? Well, I'm happy for you. What a great way to spend Mothers Day! I woke and went to church with my son, then we went golfing, then came home and did yard work. I never mind yard work, I kinda enjoy it. I like how my yard looks afterwards, I like being outside, and the work is invigorating. So I didn't mind it at all. Have a spendid week!

Judy said...

Oh, Kris. That sounds LOVELY!