Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sleep, how I love thee....

Blessed sleep. I hate nites when it eludes me. I had one of those last nite, which surprised me because I was totally exhausted when my head hit the pillow. But I have a lot on my mind and I couldn't seem to shut it down so I tossed and I turned and my head churned. It seemed I sat up to see what time it was every half hour or so. These bouts of sleeplessness were a common thing back in my perimenopausal days, about halfway to 'the end'. I had something like 3 years where it felt like I was awake more than I was asleep. Since beginning the daily care of my grandsons sleep usually consumes me within minutes of my head hitting the pillow. Not so last nite.

We'll be keeping the grandboys overnite Thursday. Our son goes in for gall bladder surgery tomorrow morning and will most likely be released later in the day. At least they won't have to worry about juggling around schedules with trying to get the boys home. It's amazing to me how laporascopic surgery is so much simpler than the old form of surgery, so much less invasive. When Dear Hubby had a kidney removed back in 1977 they nearly cut him in half. As serious as his surgery was, I'm sure something like that is still a major operation. But to have a gall bladder removed? Just a couple of little holes barely a centimeter or two big and - in my case - they 'super glue' you with some kind of adhesive and you're done. The exception to my surgery was mine was an emergency and had to be done as quickly as possible so I spent a couple of nites in the hospital, the first nite because the operating schedule was so packed the day I was admitted, the second to make sure my labs came back ok since I didn't get in for surgery until after 7 pm. With our son...he had his attack, the medication they gave him killed the pain and got him to feeling better, but surgery was scheduled a week later because of his gall stones. I still find it mind-boggling that I had a complete hysterectomy last year as well and went home the next day! Good grief...some year in the future, we'll probably perform our surgeries at home ourselves with some kind of zapper we can point at ourselves and shoot!

My daughter-in-law is taking Friday off and will be coming by mid-morning to pick the boys up so I'm going to have an extra half-day off this weekend. Dear Hubby's planning on going bear hunting at the coast, leaving when he gets home after work, so I might-- just might -- have some time to myself. If I do I think I'll do my grocery shopping after the boys go home to free up my entire Saturday. It's supposed to be halfway nice so I'd love to get out and do some yard work. I'd also love to finish Maeve Binchy's book, "Heart and Soul". I read about half of it last Saturday when Dear Hubby and I went to his archery club and it's very good. My son called the other day and asked if we'd like to go to Madras in central Oregon for Memorial Day weekend with them and the boys but Dear Hubby's on call that weekend so we'll be sticking close to home. Which is fine with me. I hate traveling on big holiday weekends. Actually, I hate traveling most any old time. I am not a very good car-rider...I get carsick easily. In all truthfulness, I'm a diehard homebody. I don't need to go anywhere. But I will, if poked and prodded to do so. Just not very enthusiastically.

Today, it's raining. Yesterday the skies opened up several times and just dumped rain on us. I'm not too optimistic we'll find any sunbreaks to get out for a walk today. Dylan must've asked me a hundred times yesterday if we could go for a walk. He lives for them as much as I do. Sure beats staring at these walls all day.

It's 4:30. Better get on the ball. Maybe even try to do a few minutes of 'visiting' before I sign off. I've had to pare down my 'Coffee Break' list. I hardly have any on there and I still can't keep up with them. It seems like I'm constantly saying "Someday...." when it comes to doing things I used to love to do. I keep in mind "Someday this too shall pass." It helps.


Donna said...

About once a week I'll take an OTC sleep aid and sleep for perhaps seven hours straight. Trouble is, it leaves me so groggy that I'm better off without it. I'm usually awake three or four times in the night. I've quit complaining about it; I just accept that's how it is. It's good I'm not in charge of small children, though: If I sit down for over five minutes any time after noon, I doze off.

Loretta said...

My last two nights have been like that. I too take an OTC sleep aid once in awhile. Usually when I feel like I just can't go on without sleep. The older I get the more sleep I want.

flowingwithlife said...

Have you tired the wrist bands for your car sickness? They work for me in all travel modes. They can be found in most drug section of stores.