Thursday, June 4, 2009

I haven't had much time on here the past couple of weeks. Dear Hubby asked me recently if I'd teach him the basics of the computer since he's beginning to do a little bit of work on one at his job. So...we launched out with a few simple tasks. And then I showed him YouTube and how he could look up hunting videos. And thru some other links he found a huge archery website chock-full of forums and message boards and classifieds and tutorials and videos...well, the list is endless and so is his interest in browsing thru these. Not that I have to fight him for time on here in the evening but he is so interested, so absorbed in what he's reading and looking at. He is enjoying himself so much I don't have the heart to tear him away from it. And I must admit I haven't had anything really earth-shaking to write about lately. I mean, when I devote entries to bra buying...of which, by the way, I finally found some very comfortable, well-fitting ones...let's just say if that's the highlight of my week, the most fascinating topic I can come up with as I sit down here. Hmmmmmmm.


Lynda said...

Oh well... you may never get to the computer again!

Donna said...

Well, drop me an email and let me know what kind of bra you found. OK?

Cliff loves to surf for tractor stuff; he can spend hours on Craigslist, and I recently introduced him to Youtube.

He can now spend hours on the computer, although he only gets online a couple of times a week unless the weather confines him to the house.

I'm glad we have the laptop for him to use; that way I still have this one for myself.

Dori said...

Being married to a computer geek I am ever so grateful to have my own computer! I wouldn't have a chance! Of course, since I have a Mac and he built his own PC he doesn't touch mine anyway!