Thursday, July 2, 2009

End-of-the-day burnout

I have been sitting here at my computer for the past 15 minutes with my Discman headset on and just realized I'd forgotten to turn it on. I mean, how pathetic is that?

OK, so what kind of a day did I have to suffer burnout? Oh, don't even ask. I'm so tired at the moment I wouldn't really be able to tell you anyway. Suffice it to say I am never ever never taking my two grandsons for a 5-mile walk in their double stroller ever again. From now on, even tho I absolutely hate the idea of giving those walks up, we'll be using the single stroller with Cooper in there and Dylan walking beside me. Dylan is actually a very good walker with quite a bit of stamina for a 3-year-old but there's no way he could make it to the library or Walmart or Fred Meyer or Bimart. We'll settle on the fire station and meandering around our neighborhood and leave it at that. Besides, as much weight as Cooper has been putting on lately I don't think I'd physically be able to push them around together much longer as it is. I think I've reached the time in my life where I need to remember I am 55, not 25 anymore. Dear Hubby has been fit to be tied trying to get me to slow down, to give in, because of all my health problems last year. He asked me this evening, "Do you have some kind of death wish or something?" Well, to say that didn't go over too well is the understatement of the century. But enough about my day. It's over and I have what I hope will be a blissfully relaxed 3-dayweekend ahead of me. Hopefully.
I was going to write more but it's taken me forever to write this much. I find myself staring off in to space a lot and forgetting to type. Something tells me it's time to call it a day.
Go to bed, Kristine.


Donna said...

I'm with your husband on this one.

Judy said...

Rest. In peace!

Have a great weekend, Kris!