Monday, July 6, 2009


5 Obsessions:

1. Listening to music while I write. No music, no thinking.
2. Hagen Daz coffee-flavored frozen yogurt
3. Keeping my grandboys safe while out walking. I HATE drivers who talk on cell phones!!!
4. Thrift stores. The stuff people give away fascinates me.
5. Water...can't drink enough of it lately.

5 Dislikes:

1. Rude people
2. Again, drivers on cell phones. I can't tell you how many close calls I've had almost getting hit by them. One even ran a red light when I was in the middle of an intersection!
3. Rap music -- ugh.
4. Muggy weather
5. Any type of abuse

5 things worse than a head on collision:

1. The death of or tragedy to any loved one or friend
2. Bad health
3. Losing my eyesight
4. 9/11
5. Any natural catastrophe with the loss of many innocent lives

5 wishes:

1. Good health for myself and my family
2. More time
3. Having enough money where I wouldn't have to worry about it...not rich but just having some extra
4. That America could get back on track again and quit this crazy spiral downward
5. To see my grandsons grow to adulthood

5 things I wish I could do:

1. Sing
2. Swim well
3. Have more to give more to charity
4. Be a better Christian example
5. Be spontaneously affectionate


Danielle said...

Miss Sam can't do anything without her music! I have FINALLY become comfortable with her studying to music.

I absolutely LOVE other peoples' junk also ~ I just picked up a lovely americana canisters I can use for dog treats.

Lynette said...

Very interesting lists. I can tell you've given them all some thought. About the Ester Lee, their Web site is fabulous, with the rates and the virtual tours of each unit. Look at the cottages (cottage rates) which are pet friendly--I can't remember if you have pets or not, though--the motel is not pet-friendly.

We stayed in 232 last November and 128 last week. Both had plenty of room for us and others, I'm sure.

It's not fancy but it's clean. You cannot get to the beach easily. Last November I walked down the steep sort of road and got to withing a pile of rocks of getting to the beach, but I had no one to help me make it down the rocks onto the sand. This might be a consideration if the grandchildren are going to go along.

Hope this helps.