Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Good Neighbor

It is supposed to be at least 107 degrees here in Portland today, maybe even hotter if our infamous east wind comes blasting down on us from the Columbia River Gorge. It'll feel like a blast furnace hitting us, believe me. Since having all of my 'lady land' innards taken out a year ago last Spring, I no longer seem to have a built-in thermostat. I freeze in the winter...can't get warm once I'm cold...and I roast in the summer...can't get cool once I'm hot. We have no air conditioning because most of the time we don't need it in this part of the country. The last time we had a spree of 0ver-100 degree days of any duration was back in 1988, I think it was. Just to give you an idea.

Anyway, with that said, I wanted to mention another act of kindness bestowed upon us. Yesterday our neighbor Keith came knocking on the door. As a former Marine, this guy knows how to keep cool outside. He had a wet towel tucked in under his straw hat! He asked me how we were surviving and I told him we're managing...barely. So he offered us the use of one of their all-house air fans that blows air at a capacity that almost knocks you off your feet if you have it on High and it's aimed directly at you. I said, "SURE!" I know he was thinking of the grandbabies, bless his heart. Who weren't here yesterday because I had a sick day, 'stomach issues' and a killer headache from the heat. They'll be here today, tho, and I know they're going to love squatting in front of this thing all day long. I'll also keep cool water in the bathtub and plunk them in there periodically thru the day. We'll manage.


Dori said...

Put a bucket of ice water in front of that fan--good old fashion "swamp cooler"!

Sorry you guys are sweltering! Any place you guys can go that's indoors? I've been known to take my guys to Home Depot and just wander--nice and cool, yet not really a shopping excursion!

Betty said...

I hope you are feeling better today! Our houses are just the opposite here. We have no heating, because it doesn´t get that cold so often. That´s why we are freezing....
I sure hope you get some cooler air soon, everything is so much easier when the climate is "reasonable".

Lynda said...

Ugh - we have over 100 regularly, but are firm believers in A/C... best of luck!

Donna said...

Wow, that's hot even for Missouri! Years ago we had a run of over-100-degree days, and it didn't get below 80 at night for two or three weeks. Miserable!

Meanwhile, we're having wonderful, unseasonably cool weather.

Meadowlark said...

For once it's cooler on our side.

I do have to politely correct you. He is a Former Marine. There are no ex-Marines except the ones who got kicked out. The rest of us are either former or Marine Veterans.

One of those weird details that'll make your neighbor mighty happy. :)

Semper Fi,
former Marine