Saturday, July 25, 2009

I have a confession to make...

I love Andrea Bocelli's voice. I love this CD. I went to Wherehouse this morning and traded in about 20 CDs I never listen to any more and got $34 credit for them so I did a little shopping and this was one of the CDs I bought. Oooooooooo la la! I also got another one by Emmylou Harris, "Red Dirt Girl". Also got The Fray and "Gord's Gold Volume II" by Gordon Lightfoot. I've been a Gordon Lightfoot fan since...well...since forever. Or at least since the first time I heard "If I could Read Your Mind" when I was a teenager. A teenager...oh my word. Me? Really? An added pleasure to my CD buying spree was getting the 4th CD for was a "Buy 3 used CD's...get 1 FREE!" kind of deal. Gotta love that!

And then I came home and got a wonderful surprise in the mail! A week or two ago on Facebook I started doing some searches and I thought of a pen pal I had from years past. We became pen pals thru what I believe was a school project in English? At least I think that's how we originally made contact. I was 14 and I think R was 13. This was in the days before home computers. Before cell phones. We kept in contact quite regularly thru snail mail. And one summer when her family came out here from Minnesota to visit relatives in Gresham -- I think it was Gresham, a suburb just east of Portland -- she called me on the phone and we got to hear what each other sounded like! And when I was 19 I went back to Minneapolis to visit a friend of mine who'd moved there and my friend LuAnn drove me to Red Wing, where R lived at the time, so we could meet. We both got married, still writing to each other. Then the babies came along. Two for me. Something like 5 for her in about 5 years' time. We got busy. We got very busy. And our letters finally trickled down to nothing, sadly, when we were in our mid-20s. I tried a few times to contact her tho she doesn't know this because the letters I sent came back "Address Unknown" or "This person doesn't live here" on them. So I'd pretty much come to accept the fact I'd probably lost her forever.

Then, Facebook comes around.

I did a search on the last name she'd had the last time we'd been in contact about 30 years ago. 30 YEARS! And then, for a lark, typed in her hometown high school. What shows up but a handful of younger people with that last name. And one of the names I recognized as the name of her -- I believe -- oldest daughter, a rather uncommon first name. Since R had done some moving around I wasn't sure if this might be her daughter for sure because she'd lived out west when we'd last written to each other. So...I took the bull by the horns and sent this young woman a private message, explaining to her who I was and how her mom might be the R I've been looking for. A day later...success! The young lady wrote back and said, yes, R's her mom! And how exciting it was to know that, even when people can lose contact for years, they can still reconnect. She gave me her mom's snail mail and email addresses and I fired off an email to R. That was last week. Her daughter had told me her mom isn't much in to computers and would possibly contact me by snail mail so I've had that in the back of my mind. Then, today when I came in from shopping and the library and Dear Hubby arrived a few minutes later and brought the mail in, he was almost as excited as I was, flapping the envelope at me and telling me, "Here's something from your old pen pal!" A lovely card with a note inside, telling me a 'summary of the past 30 years' will be coming next week!' But she'd wanted me to know she'd gotten my email and was as thrilled to make contact again as I was!

So, how cool was that?!

Now...the downside of Facebook. And this was entirely my fault. You know the old saying, "Curiosity killed the cat"? Well, I don't know what came over me but I did some more searches, looking for some of the people I'd been involved in satanism with. And I found them. And it creeped me out so badly I deactivated my Facebook account completely. For REAL this time. It was so easy to find them so I'm sure it'd be just as easy for them to find me. And I don't want that, not at all at all at all. When I was talking to my daughter about it today she just shook her head and said, "Mom, really....sometimes I just wonder about you." Sometimes I wonder about myself, too.


Donna said...

I wonder, too. But I wonder what harm could it have done if they HAD found you? They hold no power over you, right?

What do I know about such things.


Dori said...

I adore Andrea Bocelli! Such a voice.

How amazing to find a long lost friend!

There are people in my past who I have no desire to know anymore. I've searched for one or two on facebook--mainly so I wouldn't be blindsided should *they* find *me*. Pro-active. They are now blocked from contacting me--just in case.

Betty said...

I love fb for the same reason of finding old friends or making new ones from bloggy world. And I think it´s great that you found your old pen pal. I´m sure you will have so much fun reconnecting!
As for the other matter, you should check out the privacy settings on fb. You can block those people you don´t want from finding you, and still keep your account.
If you do make another acc., I would love to add you.

lakeviewer said...

Hi. I came in from Carol's blog and found you talking about one of my favorite artist too. Interesting is too mild a word.