Friday, July 3, 2009

It feels like Saturday....

We're having a bit of a heat wave here in Portland this 4th of July weekend so I got out early this morning, not long after sunrise, and went to do my -- groan -- grocery shopping. That out of the way I filled the bird feeders, refilled the bird bath, did my household chores. Then I sat back, at Dear Hubby's urging, and R.E.L.A.X.E.D. Yeah, you heard that right. I barely moved off the couch outside of making a trip to the library when it opened at 10. A book I'd put a hold on had arrived and I found a couple of others to check out too. I spent a portion of the day starting in on the first one that caught my interest, a British chick lit book called "The Stepmother" by Carrie Adams. I'm not sure if I like it yet or not since I only got 27 pages of it read before I dropped off in to a dead sleep. I am not a day time napper but the sleepies got a hold of me today and wouldn't let go. It felt wonderful!

I saw two great signs this morning as I drove around. One was on a church reader board and read:


The only thing missing is U!

The other one was a rental sign for an office building I've passed by at least 100 times but never noticed this before:



Ha ha...that made me laugh.....feets! Good grief. And you know what really appalls me? The bad grammar and misspellings on those endless scrollings across the bottom of news shows with headlines and breaking news! Who edits these things, anyway? Doesn't anyone in America take English classes in school anymore? And don't most of these people who do this kind of stuff for a living have college degrees? It makes me wonder....

Oh, and one more sign that just came to mind:


Oh my. I pass by that one often when I'm out walking the grandboys.

One of my all-time favorites so far, tho is still this one:


51th and POWELL

Excuse me?! Fifty-ONETH????

Here's a great post about blogging that I read a couple of days ago. You might enjoy reading it, too. Jane is the creator of Midlife Bloggers, a blogging group consisting of midlife women writing about the issues of, well...midlife. I am one of the contributors tho I've been woefully negligent the past couple of years since beginning the day care of my grandsons and the health issues I dealt with last year. But I'm trying to get back in to submitting things there, as well as getting back into a fiction lovers message board I used to be pretty active in in the past. I am in desperate need of having some other outlets for myself. I had quite a talk with Dear Hubby last nite and with my daughter today about how I need to get back to doing SOMETHING for myself. My life's been so totally centered around the care of my grandsons that I'm amazed I can even speak on an adult level any more. Most of my daily conversation centers around, "Would you like a bottle/juice?" or "Do you need a fresh diaper?" That doesn't do much for stimulating my fast-aging brain cells.

Ooooooooh...lay-offs are hitting close to home. The company my daughter works for just laid off several people. It's not a huge local company but it's been around a long time. far...the department she works in is making profit so they were untouched. Which is wonderful, considering she just got a promotion. My husband's work is slow but so far no lay-offs. Everyone's been cut back to 38 hours per week but they may have to lay off at least one guy. Someone we know who worked for Freightliner was able to retire with enough hours for his pension when they closed down last year, I believe it was. He was one of the lucky ones. Some of the guys, when the place closed down, were only 8 hours shy of getting their pensions. Isn't that pathetic?

I hope I get a few more commenters' responses on this next question than I usually do because I would really like to know what you'd do if this same choice was presented to you. In his daily Bible reading, Dear Hubby came across a scripture where God told Hezekiah He was going to add 15 years on to his life. if you knew you had 15 years to live, how would you live them? Would you continue on basically like you are now? If you're a Christian, would you continue on living a Christian life or would you take the gamble of 'tasting some sin' and then hoping God would call you again before your life was over? Especially when you read that God is required to call each of us only once? Was the first time He called you the only time in your life? Or would you let the roll of the dice fall where they will and take your chances? Dear Hubby, our son, and I had a pretty good talk about that one last nite. I would not change my life at all.

I saw a copy of Nicolas Cage's movie, "The Family Man", at Fred Meyer this morning for $5 and just had to buy it. I love that movie, even tho I've heard it's considered one of his bombs. I always love "what if's...."

Here's my "what if..." for tonite. As tired as I still am, what if I go to bed now at 8:30 after taking my nap this afternoon? Will sleep desert me? I think not.


Donna said...

Not that there aren't a lot of things I could improve upon, but yes, I'd live my life just the same. Fifteen years could very well be how many I have anyhow! That would make me 80. In fact, I'd say I would be fortunate to live exactly fifteen years.

Suburbia said...

Happy 4th July. Great signs, I love the church one, very clever!

Lynette said...

First, I am sick and tired of people who should know better never appearing to have proof read one single thing they must be responsible for proof reading.

Second, I would not change my life. I would not go back and change anything either. I feel like I'm doing the best that I can with the Good Lord's help.

Third, you are one amazing woman, hands down. And your husband's right up there, too.

Melissa B. said...

If God added 15 years to my life, I'd continue in the same vein-giving more than taking-and make sure to take a trip to Cuba before I die...