Monday, July 27, 2009

Maybe because I've never followed anyone's parade except my own, I don't like the Followers gadget on Blogger. I don't post those who follow me in my sidebar. I don't look to see who's following me. My blog is not a popularity contest. I hated junior high and high school. The Followers gadget makes me feel like I'm there again. Does anyone know how to take it out of their Dashboard area completely? I'm too brain-mushy and tired from the heat to figure it out on my own.

Can you tell that heat and I don't get along?

Like my bloggy friend Jaggy so aptly put it: "Pbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb."

She lives in Oregon, too. We're sweltering under the same sun.


Donna said...

I was forced to take off my followers widget because people using Internet Explorer couldn't comment with it there. Some sort of blogger problem. I don't miss it now.

Lynda said...

Well, I would trade Oregon heat for Houston heat any day... want to???

Meadowlark said...

And conversely, I love my "follower" doohickie because it's a good place to remember the blogs I want to visit. :)

Peace from the OTHER side of the mountain, where it's high 90s, mid 50s all week. YUCK. And would you believe I leave for Vegas on Friday? Talk about HOT!

Betty said...

I´m not missing the heat we have almost 8 months of the year...yet! :)
Don´t send any here!

Can´t help you with the followers thingy. I´m technically "challenged"! :)

Judy said...

Can't help. I'm brain dead too.

Although, for Michigan, this has been the coolest July on record.


Melissa B. said...

Every time I want to "tweak" my blog I google the problem/challenge. Google's never failed me, and I've learned a very valuable lesson. Most of the world is a lot more Internet-savvy than I! I recently added the followers button to my blog just to see how many "fans" I can collect. Total, shameless hubris, I know.