Monday, August 10, 2009


I've been getting some new visitors lately so I thought I'd do a list of 25 things about me. How exciting is that?! Just some basics, things my readers who've been around a long time probably know quite well, but they might help the 'newbies' feel a little bit better acquainted. Now, if they'll just reciprocate and do the same on their blogs, life would be sweet:

1. I am 55 with a birthday stuck smack-dab in between Christmas and New Year's.
2. I am left-handed.
3. I have silvery-white hair.
4. I have green eyes.
5. I still claim to be 5'7" but at the rate the rest of me is beginning to 'settle' I'm probably 4'11 by now.
6. I weigh somewhere between 125-175. I am not skinny but I am not fat. Just righttttttttttt.
7. I have no sense of taste, resulting from an illness in 1999.
8. I have to have music playing when I write, usually on my Discman so I don't disturb anyone around computer is in the dining room.
9. My parents are both deceased.
10. I have no sisters.
11. I have 3 brothers, two older and one younger.
12. I was a tomboy until well into my teens. One of my brothers nicknamed me "Ramona Gabriel", the female version of a quarterback from way back named Roman Gabriel. I could throw a perfect spiral, and I could throw far and hard. Even at 55 I still love to be active and walk, walk, walk!
13. I've been married to my Dear Hubby since 1974. We met on a blind date and got married 5 months, 4 days later.
14. I have two grown children, a daughter and son, both in their 30s.
15. I have two grandsons aged 3 and 1. They're my son's children. I do full time day care for them an average of 55 hours per week.
16. I type something like 75 words per minute. That's probably the only reason I find time to blog.
17. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest my entire life. My parents came from New England and moved here after WWII. My brothers and I were all born and raised out here.
18. I have lived in this house, a Craftsman bungalow, for 27 years. It's a constant fixer-upper but it's home.
19. I have worked in medical records in two different hospitals...loved that job. I did day care, house cleaning, secretarial work, was a companion to a 96-year-old woman who lived independently and still had all her wits about her -- she was like a substitute grandma to me. Tons of volunteer work. Worked voluntarily on a team with 2 other women for 3 years, writing Sunday School curriculum for primary-aged kids. I did freelance data entry. I worked as a middle school lunch lady for 7 years. And I raised not only my kids but most of the neighborhood kids as well. Now, how would all that look on a resume?!
20. When people describe me, the word that pops up most often is "nice". I used to be rather offended by that, it sounds so bland. But nowadays there isn't a whole lot of nice in this world so I'm rather proud of that title!
21. I hate having my photo taken. My left eye is lazy and most of the time it isn't noticeable. But it is in photos and I'm rather self-conscious about it.
22. My Dear Hubby tells me I'm one of the most laid-back, easy-to-get-along-with people in the world. He ought to know, after 35 years with me.
23. I am basically very solitary. I can be very outgoing when I need to be but beyond that I could easily be a hermit. Social situations with more than a couple other people exhaust me.
24. I write soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much easier than I speak.
25. And speaking of 'speaking', I suffer a lot from 'left speak'. I'll tell you to put the milk in the sink and the ice cream in the coffee maker. Seriously.

So, Betty and Pam and anyone else who'd be willing to participate, please do so and let me know when/if you do. The feeling is mutual...I'd like to get to know you better too!


Betty said...

This was so interesting! Thank you so much for doing this for us.
You sure have had a very interesting work "life"! Speaks for you and that you are talented in many areas.
I can´t imagine going through life without taste. That must be so hard! I guess that´s why I can´t say "I´m not fat".... :) I love my food and it´s my downfall!
I will be doing this for sure! I´ll let you know.
When you see the time of this post...yeah, it´s true. Not sleeping again...

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

You sound absolutely wonderful! I too am (almost) 55 and weigh somewhere between 135 and 170 and, although I've never even been anywhere near 5'7", I'm sure I'm probably not my perfect 5'3" anymore.

I, on the other hand, do not mind having my picture taken. Please let us see your lovely face; just turn that lazy eye to the dark side!!

Thanks for divulging!

Judy said...

Goodness, Kris!

Apparently, the ONLY thing lazy about you must be that one eye.

EVERYTHING about me feels lazy lately. And a bit saggy, and sort of wondering off a tad...

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Whoa, I only match about a whole bunch of these. Especially 2, 5,10, 23, 24. I enjoy posts where blogger put their innards, for lack of a better word, out there. I thank you. It is a pleasure to get you know you better