Saturday, August 8, 2009

I was given this Meme Award from a relatively new reader of mine from Paraguay named Betty. I've done similar memes in the past but since she's new and said she'd like to learn more about me I thought I'd give this a whirl and see if I can come up with 7 things about me that aren't common knowledge. If I repeat myself, long time readers, please bear with me:

1. I never wear pajamas. No, I don't sleep in the nude, I wear comfy old night shirts. But I can't bear to have my legs encased in anything while I'm sleeping. A therapist would probably have a heyday helping me figure that one out, but it's a true phobia.

2. It takes a lot to get me angry. I rarely ever lose my temper. But when I do...oh my, the sparks do fly!

3. I bit my fingernails for 43 years. I stopped cold turkey one day when I first started working as a middle school lunch lady and my forearms were immersed in goo-up-to-here in a clogged sink. As I drew my arms out of it and saw my fingers dripping with all kinds of gunk I thought to myself, "And I'm going to stick my fingers in my mouth after this?! I don't THINK so!" And I never did again.

4. I suffer from terrible claustrophobia. When my grandsons pull out their big Spongebob quilt and want to play 'fort' I can only stay under it for a short time without feeling panicky. I know where this phobia comes from...I had a fat little friend who'd straddle me across the chest either on a bed or on the floor, trapping me so I couldn't get up, and then she'd tickle me until I'd get almost physically sick. Also, we had Foster Children in our home when I was growing up, several of them being teenaged boys. My parents installed a little latch-lock on the inside of my bedroom door and I had to lock it every nite to keep myself safe. I'm sure my dad could've knocked my door down easily if he needed to but I was so terrified we'd have a house fire and no one would be able to rescue me. I can't sleep easily in any room where the door is shut, even to this day.

5. I have an older brother who disowned me 17 years ago this month. I have tried several times to make amends but he won't forgive me. I have had no physical contact with him or his family in all these years. The last time we saw him and his family, my children were 12 and 14. A couple of summers ago my son and his wife attended a concert at the Amphitheatre in Vancouver and who was sitting a couple rows in front of them but one of my brother's daughters and her husband. My son decided he'd speak to her so as the concert ended he went up to her and said, "I bet you don't know who I am, do you?" It took her aback, but she said no, she didn't. He told her. She hadn't seen him since before he'd reached puberty and now he's a man, 6'3" tall and 220 pounds. What was so strange is she was nice to him, even told him to "Say hi to Uncle D and Aunt Kris for me!" like she'd seen us yesterday. Strange.....................

6. Because my parents couldn't find my hospital birth certificate for years, I just knew I was adopted! When I was around 18, I think it was, my mom finally found it, stuck to the back of another document. I don't know if I was disappointed or relieved.

7. I should've had a twin. When I was born there was a whole extra placenta but the baby had died in utero. I have always felt like there was a part of me missing. I think this may be why.


Betty said...

Thanks for participating! This was so interesting to me.
I´m so sorry about your brother and the estrangement with him! That must be such a burden.
And missing your twin! That is totally believable!

Pam said...

Since I'm a new reader, too, I'm glad Betty asked you to do the meme. Like you I'm also claustrophic and don't like to be held down and tickled. I never really connected the two. It's too bad about your estrangement from your brother, but it sounds like you could reach out to your niece, if you had an desire.