Friday, August 7, 2009


Our neighbors Pam and Keith planted a bunch of melons in the curbside strip of grass in front of their house. As the grandboys and I walked past the other morning, Pam happened to be outside and she called out, "Kris, can you believe this?!" I asked her what and she said, "Someone came along last nite and stole every melon off the vine!"
No, I can't believe it! And the stupid part of it is the fact that none of them were even remotely ripe yet.


Suburbia said...

That is very sad.

Our neighbors had some lovely pots of flowers stolen from their front steps the other night. I can't believe that no one heard them. Such a pity people do this sort of thing.

How lovely to be able to grow things like that out of doors in the first place though! :)

Betty said...

It´s ashamed that people are too envious to let someone else have their fruit and harvest it too! :)