Saturday, September 5, 2009

ANOTHER blog entry!! What's the world coming to?!

I had a new commenter on my blog yesterday, a lady named Agneta from Sweden, and when I first went to her blog to thank her for stopping by and leaving a comment I found, much to my language-limited dismay, it's in Swedish. I mean, DUH! What was I thinking?! But, to my joy, there was a linky thing on her page to translate it into a language the reader can understand...yessssssss! So I clicked on it and within seconds it was in English! My paternal grandfather was born in Karlstad, Sweden, so on my dad's side of the family I'm only second-generation American. On my mom's side...well, we've been around a long time. There is a statue of one of my ancestors in Boscawen, New Hampshire, named Hannah Dustin. This is sooooooooooo disrespectful on my part, but every time I see the Spongebob Squarepants episode where Spongebob passes by a statue and says something like, "I wonder whose poop-covered ancestor you are," I think of Hannah Dustin. I mean, really...isn't that the truth? Tho actually, in this photo, she doesn't look so bad. How many of us ever pay attention to statues we pass by during our regular daily routine? When I was a grand juror for a month several years ago and rode the bus downtown to the court house every day I passed by at least one...maybe two? That just shows you how much attention I paid to them!

Today I slept in until 7:50. Today I ate two cinnamon bagels with my coffee, sitting on the couch with the windows open, listening to the first substantial rain that's fallen in the past couple of months, breathing in the sweet, clean air. I am soaking in the quiet like a parched sponge. And why am I doing all this, you ask? BECAUSE I CAN!


Betty said...

I´m so happy you slept till almost 8! That just shows how tired you were!
And how cool to have a statue of one of your ancestors. Even though people may not notice them that much, they are there for a reason.
And how cool to receive a comment from a Swedish reader!

Judy said...

Nobody in my line has done anything statuesque, yet.

Sounds like you had a lovely morning!

Anonymous said...

emm.. good thoughts :))