Saturday, September 19, 2009

Betty's Challenge

Editor' Note:

The video is GONE!!!

Enough mortification.....

I have a relatively new bloggy friend named Betty from Paraguay. A lovely should go here and get acquainted with her. She recently wrote a very interesting post about living in Paraguay and about being a Mennonite. She speaks German, Spanish, and English and has also lived in Canada in the past. I left a comment telling her I'd love to see her make an audio video so we could hear what she sounds like, since to my knowledge I've never known anyone from Paraguay. I had to look at a map of the world to refresh my memory as to where Paraguay is. I knew if was in South America but that's about as far as I could remember from geography lessons I had about the world's countries when I was in 4th grade. That was in 1962/63. A long long long time ago.

Betty challenged me to make an audio video too. Me, the elusive photo-hating -- of myself, anyway -- camera dodging person that I am. I didn't even know how. So I asked my daughter, "Do you think your phone could make an audio video?" I mean, her phone is so cool I think it could make pancakes if we asked it to. Daughter said yes, it could. And she came out here to my desk where I sat in my old blue nite shirt and pointed the phone at me, not letting me know when it started so I'd be "natural" and not freeze up. Our first attempt didn't work so well...she said I sounded too "perky" and not myself. Perky? I have never been accused of being perky before but oh well. What do I know about myself? The second attempt was too long. The third attempt was too long. By the time this version came along I was definitely no longer "perky".

And so,'s your turn, girlfriend.

I never knew I was so goofy.

I am definitely going to regret this in the morning.


Jaggy said...

oh yaaahhh! too funny!

Betty said...

Ok, I¨m commenting before listening to it first. I was laughing the whole time! I can´t believe you did this!!!!
I was so sure you would never do it, so I wouldn´t either. That´s why I wrote it that way. But you surprised me, girl!! Now I´ll have to think of a way to do this.
But let me listen first....

Betty said...

hahaha, oh yeah! :)
I was laughing. You two are funny.
Loved it! But give me some time, ok?
I´m not sure I can do it alone, and my daughter only comes for a visit next month.
But I will do this,if it kills me! (from embarrassment)

Danielle said...

I am so thankful that your daughter is so talented!!! How fun and awesome to finally "meet" you!!!! I may have my daughter give it a try too ;) I agree with two are funny!!!

Donna said...

You surprised me! I love it.

Mary Q said...

That was VERY fun, hearing your voice, seeing your mannerisms, and hearing you interact (so comfortably) with your daughter. I'm so glad you shared that!!