Monday, September 28, 2009

A great baby shower gift

As you all know, I'm nuts when it comes to walking the grandboys in their double stroller. I'm nuts when it comes to walking, period. Dear Hubby and I got out on the glorious Saturday we just had and walked 5 miles, stopping for coffee in the sunshine along the way. With our infamous dreary, wet Oregon fall/winter weather just ahead of us, I purchased a Jeep brand Stroller Starter Kit when I was at Walmart on Saturday doing my shopping. This one advertised on Walmart's online site is $19.97. Buying it instore, it cost me $ there are no shipping and handling charges, which saves even more.

Anyway...with all that said...I thought, "What a great shower gift!" What comes inside is the plastic rain cover, a see-through netting for summer months to keep out bugs, a mesh bag you can hang on the handle to carry your cell phone, etc., and a little bag of 12 Linkables to link toys/pacifiers to the stroller without them dropping them on the sidewalk every 10 seconds for us to pick up. The one I bought is for a single stroller, which I also have, now that Dylan's walking beside me most of the time. I'll be purchasing a rain slicker for him this coming weekend to keep him dry. Once the inclement weather comes I cut down the length of our walks quite a bit but I'm still a great believer in getting the boys outside in lots of fresh air.

If you know a mom-to-be who you think will be out walking her baby a lot, I think this would be a great shower gift. I wish I'd had it back from the beginning when Dylan first arrived on the scene, but I've still got a year or two of Cooper still riding along so I feel it was money well spent.


Betty said...

I wish we had practical things like that here. But then again, I´m not in need of it yet.
But it does sound like an ideal gift.

lovely-rita said...

Very nice! Sometimes the most practical (boring) looking gifts turn out to be the most useful. My two favorite shower gifts were the Baby Bjorn (use it all the time) and the Patemm diaper changing pad/bag (use it all the time, too).