Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Heirlooms are funny things, aren't they? I remember when my mother died 20 years ago, how I surrounded myself with her things. And then, as time went on, I slowly purged them until I have a favorite few and the rest were either given away to charity or handed over to my kids. There were very few of those, the ones given to them. Or should I say wanted and kept by them? My daughter is somewhat sentimental but my son? Fuhgeddabout it! He's been married and in his own home for 6 years now and we still have his big collection of moldering baseball cards in boxes on shelves in the basement. They'll probably stay there until Dear Hubby and I die and then find their way in to some recycling bin.

What makes a person sentimental? I think I'm more of a practical sentimentalist. My 'keepsakes' are more of the mental variety...treasured visual memories stuck in various nooks and crannies of my brain. Maybe it's because I'm the caretaker of the home, but 'stuff' just gets to me after a while, especially living in the small bungalow house that we have. Thank the good Lord we have a basement. If not, we'd probably be on "Clean House" or some other organizational show, prime candidates for digging us out of all the clutter we've accumulated in 35 years together. I try to keep a good portion of what's stored in the basement in some kind of order but Dear Hubby's stuff is just...everywhere. Sigh....... And, to keep peace, I've learned to just let it lay because in its chaos there is some kind of order; he knows where everything is and if I upset his 'system' I throw it completely out of whack. I've also learned not to purge any of his stuff. Just because I'm not very sentimental doesn't mean that he isn't. One thing marriage is, if you want to stay together for any length of time, is learning to compromise. There are far greater issues that come along to work thru so it's pretty silly to sweat over the little things. Besides, unless I go down there, it's all out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind, don'tcha know.

I do have my paternal great-grandmother's wedding ring. It's been stored away in a safe deposit box for 20 years. I don't wear jewelry. It's too small for my daughter's hands. I have my husband's paternal grandmother's collection of fine bone china teacups and saucers, some so fragile you can practically see thru them. They're sitting in my china closet collecting dust.

Like they say on those shows, it's the memory that's pricless. Unless we lose our marbles as we go along, we'll always have that with us. I guess I'm more content with that than spending my life shuffling dust around. I'm a strange person, I am. And I'm the first to admit it.


Judy said...

My dad's wedding ring, which he wore for over 61 years, now resides in Portland!

His oldest grandson - who bears his name - is living there now.

Donna said...

My children are 40 and 42; I finally was able to make myself part with their baby crib a few days ago... but I kept the foot of the bed!

Crazy, I know.

Betty said...

I´m not a sentimental person, in that I have to keep stuff around. I don´t think I have one baby item that my kids wore. And if so, it would just be collecting dust, so what´s the point? (My opinion). My friend on the other hand, has boxes full of her kids stuff, and she goes through them every year, remembering, washing them again and putting them back into the boxes. THAT is sentimental! :)

Hippy Mama said...

I've kept one baby gro that all 4 wore... a hand crocheted shawl that my best friend made for no.4 :0) one piece of jewellery that belonged to my great-grandmother... thats it :0)

Hippy Mama said...

And thankyou for the email - the poem is now my blog. :0)