Sunday, September 27, 2009

I don't 'do' advertisements in my sidebars or have them stuck in between my entries. I dunno about you but I find them very distracting when I'm trying to read. I'm there to read what you're thinking. With that said, I'm going to personally endorse a product I've begun using recently. No one has asked me to. I'm not being paid for it. I'm recommending it because it really works!!! It's called Menoquil and it's for us postmenopausal women especially who deal with night sweats, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, dryness, hot flashes...all those fun things. I very rarely ever watch Oprah but I saw in my research of this that she featured it on her show. Her endorsements don't ever sway me one way or another. It was by reading actual customer reviews that persuaded me to order some and try it out for myself. I'm providing a link so you can go read about it yourself if you're interested. And for my readers who come here from the UK, this product is also available there as well...this is the link .

It's all natural. It has no known side effects. The only warning I'll give you is start out with one per day. They're strong, at least for me. I tried 2 for my first dosage and they almost knocked me on my fanny. One a half hour before bedtime is just perfect for me. Since taking it I have not had ONE night sweat. I'm not getting hot flashes. I haven't had much trouble with mood swings but I do find I seem to stay more even keeled now...anxiety won't come sweeping over me unexpectedly. You get 120 tablets which, for a woman who can tolerate 4 per day, equals out to a month's supply. With only needing one per day, a bottle will last me close to 4 months. I haven't found a local store that supplies it so I'm ordering it online. It's around $40 for 120. For me, that equals out to around $10 per month. Totally affordable. The Vivelle estrogen patches I was prescribed cost me $30 per month. And I didn't feel comfortable using those at all.

A miracle antidote? I dunno. But until something better comes along I'm sold.


Betty said...

I´m glad you found something to help you. I´m sure we don´t have these here, but since I´m taking hormones I´m feeling much better too. But I´m glad there are alternatives, for people who don´t or can´t take a hormone supplement.

Donna said...

I'll check these out. If they don't do anything for me, they might for someone else I know.