Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I thought being greeted by this might start out your reading experience here today on a high note! I don't remember how I got this or when it arrived but I loved it enough to stick it in my files and just stumbled across it again this morning. I guess I should go thru my files more often, eh? I dunno half the stuff I've got tucked away, I'm sure.

Well, thank you all for the good wishes concerning my upcoming vacation! My daughter has been after me to take a few days to go off by myself somewhere...no interruptions, peace and solitude. Only trouble is, I don't do all that much driving any more except for grocery shopping and errands around the city -- and even those are few and far between since I began caring for the grandboys. It used to be, since I worked part time in those days, that everyone seemed to depend on me to get oil changed in vehicles, pick up this, take away that. My eyesight isn't all that great as time goes on, either, especially if I get caught in any of our monsoon downpours. I guess at this time of year I don't really have that to worry about since we're in the midst of one of the driest and hottest summers we've had in years. But anyway...

So I'll just stay around here. I'll have at least 8 hours of solitude here at home during the work day. I've always loved my 'alone' time but I have so little of it now I get almost giddy thinking about it. I have a ton of books on hold at the library so I'm hoping at least a few of them will arrive this week so I have something new to read. Lately I've been doing some re-reading of old favorites since I've been having a lot of difficulty finding anything worth reading in the newly published books out on the market. My daughter is really into 'urban fantasy', I think she calls it. And vampire books? For some reason neither one of those even begin to appeal to me. But she doesn't necessarily like what I read. Every now and then we stumble across books we both love, tho:

"To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee
"Ride the Wind" by Lucia St. Clair Robson
"Years" by LaVyrle Spencer
"Shutter Island" by Dennis Lehane

There are more but at 4:20 in the morning I'm not thinking too clearly. She has stacks and stacks and stacks of books in her bedroom. Just think what a treasure trove that'd be for me if we only shared the same taste! How depressing!


Donna said...

I don't get the big fascination with vampires either.

Pam said...

I can recommend some great books, if you'd like. I work in a library and I'm a confirmed bookworm. I write a book review blog for the library. You can check it out here:


I promise no urban fantasy or vampire books. Just good contemporary literature.

Good luck!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Me neither -- no vampires for me!

You are having what is commonly called these days a "stayvacation" where you stay at home and have a vacation. Gosh! I've been doing that for years, not by choice but out of necessity. Still they are lots of fun and I do daytrips to neighboring towns and wander the street and eat ice cream etc.

Wander to the Wayside said...

Staying home is a good thing, even if you're only leisurely getting things done that have fallen to the wayside, because you ARE getting things done! And I love Lavyrle Spencer! I could read my collection of her books over and over ... in fact, I think I'll go pick one out for a read this week! Have a good staycation.

Betty said...

Too kill a Mockingbird is a book I need to read. I´ve seen several recommendations on it and many people seem to like it.
I hope you find some good books and enjoy your solitude!

Midlife Jobhunter said...

I'm not a vampire fan either. And To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my top five favorite.

Up at 4:20am. Hmmmm. I went to bed an hour before you.

Bridget Locke said...

I'm sorry...I wish you liked my books or would take recommendations. And I'm not a big fan of vampires. It's the cuddly werewolves that do it for me. lol

Aw, come on, mom, I'm sure I can think of SOMETHING to tempt you. lol

Dori said...

I'm a huge fan of books--any kind of book! Vampire, urban fantasy, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, thriller, even non-fiction. I'm easy. If it's in print I'll read it! Or at least start it--there have been a few books where I just couldn't continue.