Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One can always hope...

I used to be a huge Nancy Thayer fan. In fact, her book "Three Women at the Water's Edge" is one of my all time favorites, a book I pick up every 5 years or so and read yet again. But once she started in on her "Hot Flash" series of books she lost me. When I noticed a few years ago that she'd written a 'regular' novel once more I eagerly anticipated its arrival at my public library branch, hoping it would renew my love for her writing. Sad to say, it didn't.

Once again a new book has come out by her called "Summer House". I noticed tonite on my library account that a copy is waiting for me at the library. The grandboys and I will be walking over there tomorrow to pick it up. I hope it's worth the walk.

I'll let you know.


Danielle said...

Always looking for another great book to read...can't wait to hear your review.

Mary Q said...

Be SURE to let us/me know how this book hits you. I noticed it's doing fairly well in Amazon reader reviews. I used to read everything Nancy Thayer wrote ... until that Hot Flashes junk. Back in the '80s it seemed like every book she wrote correlated almost EXACTLY with major events in my own life. (That could have something to do with the fact that she was born the same year I was.) I agree with you about THREE WOMEN AT THE WATERS' EDGE -- surely one of my top 10 favorites ever (maybe even top 5). :-)