Monday, September 7, 2009

What is in a name?

Part of my email address is "krazymisskris". Part of my blog URL is "MissyKrissy" just because "MissKris" had already been taken when I first came on to Blogger. So let me tell you the history of my names.

When I was a teenager and I had a lot of crazy stuff going on in my head -- tho I didn't necessarily verbalize it to the outside world -- I used to sign letters to friends as "Krazy Kris". I'm sure my best friend Lizzee can remember that, as she's been walking along Life's path with me since we were 13/14 years old. I felt crazy, even if I didn't act crazy. I had a lot I was dealing with in my personal life, and as a young teenager I wasn't emotionally equipped to deal with a lot of it. But I learned. Fast. To survive.

As for "Miss Kris"....when I first began working for the Portland schools as a lunch lady several years ago a former co-worker who's become a very dear friend of mine gave me the nickname "Miss Kris". Which the little elementary kids I was working with at the time quickly dubbed me with, too. In fact, last time I got together with Ivona she told me some of them that she comes across -- now in their late teens and 20s -- still ask her how "Miss Kris" is doing and if she's seen me lately. To please tell me hi.

And then, on to middle school, another co-worker dubbed me with "Krissy", which is what the thousands of middle schoolers who crossed my path called me as well. As did all the adult staff. In fact one summer, when I was on Grand Jury duty and had gone to Pioneer Place on my lunch hour, I heard someone shout out "Krissy!!" and turned to find a big tableful of 'my' kids waving and shouting at me to get my attention.

And then, when I first came on the computer and was looking for email pen pals I stumbled across an international pen pal site that also had a chat room in it. I'd never done chat before but my daughter showed me the ropes and I very tentatively began 'talking' on there, hardly able to keep up with the conversation in the beginning. There were some very lovely adult friends I met on there but I fast became friends with a lot of teenagers from all over the world. And they dubbed me as "Ma" as well as "MissKris" on there. In fact, today in my email I got a note from one of them, a lovely young woman from the UK who is now, I believe, 24. And she and I became acquainted when she was just turning 15, I think it was. To think the two of us still keep in contact, even tho I'm a silver-haired granny and she's just finished university and is launching out into the world!

And that is how I've become "krazymisskris/MissKris/Krissy". I'll answer to them all.


Amanda said...

hippymama is based on the nickname 'hippychild' that my Dad gave me.

Betty said...

Awe, that is so sweet that you still keep in contact with that young woman! I love your nickname and you should be proud of it!