Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why do people do what they do?!

I got notification from a bloggy friend last nite whose blog I've been visiting for the past year or so, I'd say, telling me she's had to put her blog out of the public domain. From now on it's Invitation Only. She didn't go in to detail as to why she had to do this. But I think I know. She's had a lot of life changes going on and has been very honest and open writing about her feelings. Sometimes people can be very hurtful and judgmental in their comments. I just find it sad that anonymous commenters or stalkers can become as bad on here for writers to deal with as they can be in real life.

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Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

The world is full of dimwits and nasty people. I naively feel that bloggers (or at least the group I've come across and choose to follow) are people who just want to talk and share the way we would if we were friends in real life. My philosophy is that if you don't like what you read or what someone else "is", don't follow! Don't read! Move on! But don't crap all over us just because we're different from you.

It's sad, man!