Monday, October 12, 2009

Another one takes the challenge....Dori...

I'm so thrilled another friend has participated in this challenge! I'm not even sure how our paths crossed here in bloggy land, but Dori is a younger mother of two little ones who has become a dear friend of mine. With their permission, I'm posting each one as they trickle into my Inbox...and I do mean trickle! I thought this would be a wonderful way for my grandsons to 'know' some of the people who are my friends, my family...where they're from, what kind of people I've surrounded myself with thruout my life. Dori's is just beautiful. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did:

Where I'm From

I am from sunny days and cool nights, a land of two seasons from Cadbury, homemade bread and Sears’ catalog attire.
I am from rain at midnight on a tin roof, crows in the morning.
I am from mango trees and the Jacaranda in full lavender bloom, Lake Victoria ablaze with the rising sun and the bath water temps of the Indian ocean.
I am from crowded holiday tables and laughing out loud, from preachers and missionaries and 2nd generation Navy “Mac”.
I am from prayers at mealtime and hugs at the airport.
From Girls have to know how to change their car’s oil too and Easy on the throttle.
I am from women who pray and men who cry. And from those who have called down angels.
I'm from the shores of Scotland and the homeport of Blackbeard. I am from samosas and collard greens. I am unsweet tea in the land of sweet.
From a hobo train ride home for Christmas, motorcycle rides across the dusty savannah, and the tenacity to never accept “I can’t” and “you can’t”.
I am sea trunks in the attic, old black barrels untouched in 20 years, our own National Archives, pictures lining the hallway and roots that span the oceans and continents.


Dori said...

Kris! You even found a picture of a Jacaranda tree! I'm loving reading what others are coming up with!

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Wow, that's lovely :)