Thursday, October 22, 2009

earworm: a song or tune that gets stuck in one's mind and repeats as if on a tape

I hate earworms. Ever since I wrote last nite's entry I've had the Cowsills' song "Flower Girl" spinning over and over and over thru my head. Lately I've had several. "O Glorious Love". "They're Coming to Take Me Away!" "Ooooh Oooooh Ooooh..I wanna be like you oooh oooh" from "Jungle Book". "Looking for a City". "ABC" by the Jackson Five. "A Little Help from My Friends." "Pop Goes the Weasel".


Once on the turntable of my mind, they get stuck in a groove.

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Liz said...

"Our god is a great big God, and he holds us in his hands." Do you want me to continue?!