Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Best Friend Lizzee Came From Here....

Where I Come From
I am from Hockinson Highlands, from Avon and bowling. I am from the white house on top of the hill, from the Lilac, the Hydrangea.
I am from raising cattle and clean living, from Wileys, Farleys and Applegates.
I am from the southern travelers and Pacific Northwest settlers.
From “never leave home with holey undies” and “there are starving children in India that would love to have that food”.
I am from one end of the spectrum to another, Pentecostal to Seventh Day Adventist, Mormon to Lutheran.
I'm from Oregon, ground beef and fresh veggies.
From the bonding of a Cherokee Indian Princess and a white man in Illinois, from a wagon train leader from Missouri to Oregon, a Scottish immigrant.
I am from many generations of 3 ring binders of genealogy, many hours spent looking for lost members, finding skeletons in the closets and enjoying living their lives through history.

Since this blog is basically a journal I'm keeping for my grandsons to have some day, I want them to know that Lizzee has been my best friend since February 1967 when, on the first day of attending a new school, she turned around in class after I'd sat down at a desk behind her and said, "Hi, I'm Liz. Do you want to be friends?" And we have been, all these years. Some years we were thick as thieves, for several years we kept in touch with birthday and Christmas cards and occasional notes to each other -- that was before email. The past few years we've grown quite close again. I can't imagine life without her. I had no idea she is such a marvelous poet! (And thanks, missy, for taking part in my challenge. Love you, girlfriend. XXXOOO)