Sunday, October 18, 2009

My "California friend" Liz is from here...

I have been blessed with two wonderful friends in my lifetime named Liz. There is my best friend Lizzee and then there is Liz-from-California. To keep news of them separate without confusing my family, that's the way we've identified them all these years. Lizzee has been my best friend since 1967. Liz-in-California was my first 'adult' friend made outside of high school. I met her at my first job in a Portland hospital. We clicked instantly. Our actual face-to-face time as friends lasted less than a year before she married and moved to southern California but before I married Dear Hubby I went down to visit her twice. We've kept in contact all these years thru notes, cards, and emails and whenever she's passed thru the Portland area on her way to visit family she has stopped in for a visit. Every time it's as if we've picked up our conversation from the last time we saw each other, as if -- sometimes -- several years haven't passed in between. She has always been a special part of my life and as I told her, this journal project for my grandsons wouldn't have felt complete without her contribution. She told me this was a tremendous undertaking for her, and I thank her so very, very much for sticking with it.

Without further is hers:

I’m from the Brooklyn brownstone, with a “stoop” and a porch.
From the Rose of Sharon gracing a storm cellar aside the “pulley-clothesline” .
I’m from the back-lot mulberry tree - summertime clubhouse.
From the Olsen’s Christmas Eve, cookies & a tree with “icicles and snow“.
From the Barrett’s surfside summer excursions with salty, sandy hands and egg salad sandwiches.
From serious, creative Norwegians and dry-witted, thoughtful New Englanders.
From God fearing immigrant Lutherans & hope-filled South Lancaster early-Adventists.
I’m from Soren, the Norwegian sailor who drowned in New York harbor, working to support his wife and 5 children (home in Norway).
I’m also from Rose who sang aboard a ship to earn money on her immigrant journey from England.
I am from treasured family albums, mostly black & white prints, of a by-gone era, of memories, sometimes vivid, other-times hazy, fragmented by time ….

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Donna said...

Every single one of these I read stirs up some memory of my own.