Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Summer House" Review

I had a few readers who asked me to write a review of Nancy Thayer's newest book when I finished it. So I've finished it. In the spectrum of 20-some years that I've been reading her books, starting with "Three Women at the Water's Edge" that I LOVED to her "Hot Flash Club" books that I fact, I slogged my way thru the first, tried the second, and ignored the third...this one falls somewhere in the middle. I didn't love it. But I didn't hate it, either. It renewed my hope in her as a novelist, tho, and I'm hoping in future books she'll follow down this path and not wander off to the wayside again. I'm sorry, but I didn't find her characters in the "Hot Flash Club" series the least bit believable. If she'd thought about every woman in everyday Joanna Trollope did in "Second Honeymoon" which was a book I loved...I would've identified with them sooooooooooo much more. Most of us peri/post menopausal women are dealing with trying to become acquainted with this...stranger...who's moving in uninvited and is overwhelming us. That's what I want to read about...the woman who sweats her way thru the night. The one whose skin itches and prickles and doesn't want to be touched or bothered with by anyone. The one who feels fat and bulky even when her clothes and scale tell her she's not. The one who has sudden fits of anxiety blow her off the planet. The one who just. wants. to. be. left. alone. PLEASE!

Ok, so I'm not the best reviewer in the world. I hate reading the blurb on the book jacket that gives away more information than I want to the point where I wonder, "Why do I want to read this now?!" But I'm not the norm, not in a lot of the ways I think, so I can't judge anyone by my standards. When I review, I tell you I liked it or I didn't. I might give you an idea of why I did or didn't. But I want you to be able to go pick it up, think "Well, let's see why Kris liked/hated this"...and make your own judgment.

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