Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time...or the lack the enemy here...

I sent a card to a friend the other day, one who lost her mom a few months back. She'd been on my mind a lot lately and whenever a person sticks in my brain for more than a day or two, when I know they're going thru a difficult time, I usually do a 'follow-up' and send off an "I'm thinking of you" note to them. This friend is not a close one but we're working on that. I've known her on the periphery of my life for many years but it wasn't until a few years ago when she began working at the business my son works for that I became better acquainted with her. Back then, before I began taking care of the grandboys, I had a part time job and then the one at my son's work where I'd do data entry work whenever I was needed. Marianne had begun doing the bookkeeping there and we began chit chatting as our paths crossed. I found out she's a very nice person to know. Nite before last I'd headed for bed not long after my usual bedtime of around 7 pm -- I get up at 3:15, for those of you reading who may never have visited here before -- and around 8 my daughter stuck her head in the bedroom and whispered, "Mom?" I was on the cusp of falling in to deep sleep but I heard her whisper and mumbled, "Huh?" from under my pillows. "Did you hear the phone ring?" she asked. "No," I told her. "It was Marianne calling. She thought she was calling early enough to speak to you but I told her no, you'd gone to bed a while ago. She said, 'I knew she went to bed early but I didn't know it was THAT early!'

Yes, is THAT early.


Was I ever that nite owl in my younger years where I'd sit up and read or write or embroider until 2 in the morning?! When Dear Hubby and the kids were tucked in and asleep and I had the house to myself? The peace and quiet I sorely needed to keep my soul balanced and healthy? Not that I'm not balanced and healthy...but you know what I mean. Time to refresh myself. Time to just be me. In my life now...that's where blogging comes in, the little windows of time here and there I find to just...ramble...for the most part, for lack of a better description. It keeps me balanced and healthy. And sane. Or sort of sane. I know this much: I would wither up and blow away if I didn't have it. Like dandelion fluff on the wind.

Where are all my Coffee Stop bloggers? I've been noticing long gaps between posts. Is time their enemy too? Lack of interest? Real life interrupting?

Just wondering. Just missing.

(PS to myself...I say that, then I looked as I posted this and noticed most have updated in the past several hours. But that was not the case beforehand! Or maybe I've lost what marbles I had left!)

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