Friday, October 9, 2009

When the rain comes....

It's just past 3:30 am. Dear Hubby's been awake since 12:30 and I've been awake since 2:15. Ahhhhh, the joy of having weak bladders and the inability to go back to sleep some nites after we get up and 'go'! He hurt his back at work day before yesterday so that didn't help matters, either. Ah well...welcome to old age, eh? Older age.

Some things I need to pick up at the store today:

1. Heating pad

Hmmmm...I had a whole list in mind. Where did it go?

I'm already missing our sunshine that will still be around for a couple more days. Tomorrow and Sunday it'll be accompanied by a cool East wind blowing out of the Columbia River Gorge. But come Monday the forecasters are showing an entire week of rain, rain, rain. I think I'll send some of it down to Paraguay to Betty. I am tired of it already and it hasn't even arrived yet. Oh, that reminds me:

2. Rain ponchos for the grandboys

The rest of the list is still MIA.

No big plans for the weekend. Dear Hubby's on call so that means we'll stay close to home. I do have "The Biggest Loser" taped. We also have Style network as a free preview channel this month on Dish so I've gone and scheduled all the "Clean House" episodes I've missed the past several months since we downgraded. Also, "Supernanny" is on there now and I like seeing how the plain common sense of Jo the Nanny can transform those totally out-of-control households. Aren't there any young parents who know how to raise kids? The theme in most of these houses is control, control, control. Of course the kids are going to rebel. Is it so hard to remember back to when the parents themselves were kids? And how much they hated control? Or unequally balanced attention paid to one sibling and not another? And how far praise goes compared to nagging, threatening, bribing, and verbal abuse? Good grief. nothing earth-shattering. But a reminder to anyone I sent the "Where I'm From" challenge to, especially family. I would so, so appreciate it if you'd do it and then allow me to publish the results here. The reason behind it is having it 'recorded' here for posterity's sake since this is supposed to be a blog mainly for my grandboys. As I publish them, I'll put a little blurb on them to let the boys know how the writer is related to me, whether friend or family. I think that'd be soooooooooooo cool! All anonymous...maybe a first name and that's it.

Thank you...and have a nice day.

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Betty said...

Oh the pains of old age! Right?! :)
I hope your hubby´s back will be better soon.
Lately I´ve usually been waking up around 4 a.m. and can´t go back to sleep either. That is so frustrating. 2 hours left and all you do is think, think, think!
Anyway hope you have a good weekend and do send that rain here. We would LOVE to have it!!