Friday, November 27, 2009

Broadening our horizons....

I love my little Feedjit gadget. It's fun to glance down it to see where everyone's coming from. The only thing is, the world's geography has changed so much since I learned a lot about it in the 4th grade...why my 4th grade teacher focused on it so much, I dunno but it sure gave me a good handle on where in the world everything was for a lot of years. Until the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union broke up into about a bazillion little countries and Burma became Myanmar -- I think -- and Sri Lanka became...well...whatever Sri Lanka became. So now, unless I recognize the country flags like Canada's Oak Leaf or the UK's Union Jack, I'm pretty lost when it comes to one listed as "Zaventem, Brabant". I recognize cities such as Paris and know that it's in France - DUH! - but it'd be nice if Feedjit would provide the country name - or at least a recognizable country name - for those of us who are geographically-challenged dinosaurs like me.

Which reminds me of something that happened to me years ago. The church I belong to has an International convention every year with people coming globally to participate. One year Dear Hubby and I had been invited to dinner at his aunt's house and she'd also invited a visitor from Finland. As I sat talking to her and she told me she was from Finland I asked if she lived in Helsinki. With a rather astonished look on her face she told me yes, she was. "What's it like living so close to the USSR?" I asked, because it still was the USSR back then. She said, "You actually know where Finland is located?" I think I looked back at her with a very quizzical expression on my face when I answered, "Yes, I do." She told me, "You'd be one seems to know where Finland is, of those who I've spoken to who live here in the United States."

How sad.

Thank you, Mrs. Maesner, for planting the knowledge of the world so deeply in my mind. Now, if it could've only stayed the way I learned it.

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Betty said...

That reminds me of the time I wanted to send a package to my sister, who is a missionary in China. At the post office the girl (just out of high school) asked her co-worker where China would be, in Europe or Asia?!! So it´s not just in your country that people don´t know! I think there is not much emphasis on teaching geography these days!