Thursday, November 26, 2009

A day well spent.....

Poor Dear Hubby! He ate too much. I think he and this cat are feeling the pain.

So how was your Thanksgiving? This was the most laid-back Thanksgiving I've had in the past 35 years. Dear Hubby had the alarm set for 5 but I came to, wide awake, at 4. I'd slept for hours, deeply. And I needed to go to the bathroom. Once I was up I thought why go back to bed? I didn't have any timetable to follow...the house was peaceful. So I turned on the coffee maker and had my bagel and coffee while I watched Tuesday's episode of "The Biggest Loser". Because she's been voicing the feelings, fears, and emotions of most of us Midlife Mamas I'm rooting for Liz

We drove out to the archery range in Carlton this morning before sunrise. There was literally no traffic on the road...just a 'greasy' rain smearing the windshield. No matter how fast the wipers swiped back and forth, nothing seemed to clear the glass. The further west we went the lighter it rained and by the time we'd passed thru Sherwood it had softened to a drizzle. The fields and vineyards that dot the rolling hills were lying hushed and slumbering in the cool damp of the early morning. Mist clung in the clefts of the draws. Most of the houses along the rural roads were still dark. Some had a light or two on, smoke drifting up slow and heavy as syrup into the blanket of cloud. Mostly a monochrome of varying shades of gray but here and there a slash of crimson or gold would blaze out from the trees. Rain-torn remnants of Autumn's splendor. Dear Hubby parked the truck under a stand of dripping fir trees and as he wandered off to walk thru the target course I hunkered down under a blanket and read 100 pages as I relaxed there. A heavy downpour shattered the peace for a while but I closed my eyes and absorbed the sound of the raindrops pelting the roof of the cab. He looked like a drowned rat when he got back to the truck, drops of water trickling off the brim of his hat, but the 40 targets had refreshed him and relaxed him and we enjoyed a quiet, companionable ride home.

My son and his family spent the day with my daughter-in-law's brother and his family in Chehalis so we had a very casual dinner-day here with just Dear Hubby, Daughter, and me. Fix-it-yourself deli sandwiches. A jell-o salad. Relish tray. Crock pot meatballs. Some chips. Pie for dessert. Dear Hubby and I watched a DVD I'd picked up at the library yesterday, "36 Hours" made in 1964 and starring James Garner and Eva Marie Saint. Daughter recently bought the "Anne of Green Gables" DVD collection and has been watching them in her room most of the day. I read a little more of my book.

It's been a perfect day.


Donna said...

Sounds good to me.

Betty said...

You make your weather sound like heaven to me! :) We are longing for that kind of downpour.
I´m glad you enjoyed your day of rest. Are you going into the madness today? :)

Jeanie said...

Hi Kris, Thanks for leaving me such a nice comment. Betty has been so nice to me, helping me with many blog things from afar. I wish I could meet her in person. Your Thanksgiving sounds like it was wonderful day. I made it through cooking the meal for the first time in many years. Fun, but I don't want to do it again anytime soon. I've gotten lazy that way. I look forward to coming back to visit your blog.

Danielle Says Hello said...

Love the new look!!!!!