Friday, November 13, 2009

My daily jolt has fizzled...

...down to my cup or two in the morning. Someone (I think it was Linda) either commented or emailed me when I was bemoaning my horrific nite sweats and told me by eliminating caffeine and chocolate from their diet it got rid of them for her. Stubborn Swede that I am, at first I balked. I mean, I am a diehard coffee addict! And even tho Menoquil had greatly reduced them to just one 'dewing' (I had a Home Ec teacher in 8th grade who told us we girls don't 'sweat', we 'dew' ) per nite, I wanted the sweats gone!!! So...reluctantly...I decided to give up my two cups per evening at dinner time. And voila`! The sweats are gone! Woooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo! So, thank you, Linda, or whoever the kind soul was who urged me to quit the coffee -- or in my case, reduce it.

Yesterday afternoon when Dear Hubby got home I bundled up Dylan and we took off to the library and Fred Meyer...I'd run out of chicken nuggets and ketchup, horrors!!! My grandson informed me at lunchtime, "You go buy more chicken nuggets and ho-ho (his word for ketchup because Santa Claus is red, go figure) at the store, Mommy." When we got there, Fox 12 news was stationed outside the door we went in. There was a devastating fire at an elementary school in our area and the station had set up a school supply drive to help replenish the kids' (something like 460 of them) and teachers' school room supplies. That caught Dylan's attention, as we walk by that school a lot and when he saw the TV van, the microwave antenna sprouting out of it, the cameras and hustle and bustle he wanted to know all about it. As we came back out, one of the reporters was standing there talking to his camera man and another gentleman and Dylan yelled out, "Hi, guys!" They all laughed and said, "Hi!" back. As the female anchor came out of the van with a cup of coffee in her hand, Dylan yelled out, "Hi!" and waved at her as well, practically under her nose. She laughed and bent down to him and said, "Well, hello to you, too!" Thankfully he didn't interrupt any broadcasting, haha! Well, it's my fault the kid doesn't know a stranger...we greet everyone we meet as we walk all over.

Friday! The boys will be here soon...gotta scoot. Rain today.



Midlife Jobhunter said...

Congrats on the caffeine. As a fellow "dewer", I take all advice on what might work. I've quit caffeine long ago, but now have a cup of tea in the afternoon to keep me going. Will have to consider if that "dews" me up. Enjoyed it!

Betty said...

I´m glad you got rid of the night "dews"! I never thought it could be so simple.
Since I´m taking hormones now, I don´t have them anymore either, but I´ll have to remember this for when I go off.
You should video the boys sometime. I would love to hear them interact with you. Just a thought.... :)
I know it´s my turn! :)

HORIZON said...

I remember my mother telling me, "Ladies don't sweat, we perspire - only horses sweat!" I like the word 'dew' though :)
Glad you got that sorted out for bedtime Kris.
Lovely wee Dylan- so friendly :) Our Ollie does the same- says 'hello' to everyone we meet. It hurts you though when some folk ignore her. I'm tempted to say, HELLOOOOOOO to them-lol
She copies me when l say 'excuse me' and 'oh, sorry'- such sponges at that age :)

HORIZON said...

Arghh- l just left a long comment there and lost it. Remember my mother saying, "ladies don't sweat, we perspire - only horses sweat!" :)
How sweet of wee Dylan. Ollie is now nearly 2 1/2 and she says hello to everyone- copies what l say too.
It upsets me though when people aren't so nice and ignore her and l feel like tapping them on the shoulder and saying, "HELOOOOOOO". LOL
Glad you got the 'dew' moments under control Kris :) I love my cups of tea- so much part of my daily routine- l need at least two in the morning before l get going. help! xx