Monday, November 9, 2009

Second Act

First Act is's Part II:

51. I bit my fingernails for over 40 years

52. I thumb thru magazines from the back cover to the front

53. I like to snow shoe

54. I hardly ever wear a coat in cold weather, unless I'm out walking for miles with the grandboys

55. I like to wear the color black

56. My hair is naturally curly when it's short but has only a bit of wave in it once it hits shoulder length

57. I am reading my Bible from cover to cover for the 8th or 9th time...lost track

58. If I drink any soda/fruit drink that has red or orange dye in it I feel like my heart is going to hammer its way out of my chest

59. I am allergic to nuts

60. And crab

61. I have issues about trusting people

62. My mother was only 61 when she died. That's not that far away for me now. Something to think about.

63. If I find anything belonging to someone else and there's ID in it I return it without a second thought

64. I am very thankful my parents moved out to the Pacific Northwest after WWII from New England. I can't imagine living anywhere else.

65. Beautiful music makes me cry

66. I can't hear Handel's "Hallelujah" chorus without crying like a baby, especially

67. I do a lot of left speak -- for any new readers, I am TOTALLY left-handed

68. I type 70-75 wpm, depending on if it's a good day or bad day

69. I'm basically very optimistic

70. I hate cruelty to animals

71. Ditto that for children

72. And ditto that for women

73. I can eat lemons without puckering

74. When I'm sick I like tomato soup with crackers

75. The first album I ever bought for myself was the Supremes "You Keep Me Hangin' On". I
was 13.

76. I can't swim well facedown in the water but I swim quite well on my back

77. I've had mononucleosis twice in my life

78. I climbed the Astoria Column three times in one day when I was a kid. I'm not sure how many stairs there are in it but there are a LOT!

79. I once hitchhiked and rode in a car with three guys I didn't know. I lived to tell about it and I wasn't raped!

80. I could buy my own liquor at the age of 17 without being asked for ID. Can you imagine ME doing that?! But I did, and regularly, too.

81. I keep a lot of memories to myself and have never shared them with anyone.

82. I never carry a purse. I don't even own one.

83. I have eaten rattlesnake

84. And moose

85. And antelope

86. And frogs legs

87. Poetry writing is the way I express the things I can't express

88. I love words

89. Rocking my grandboys in our big rocker recliner gives me the finest pleasure in my life right now

90. I am not afraid to age gracefully

91. I love very very deeply, even tho I'm not very good at showing it

92. I am getting better at it, but showing affection has never been easy for me

93. I am very fair

94. I am very open

95. I am very honest

96. I don't have patience for stupidity

97. I am very discreet and can keep secrets for life

98. I am very trusted

99. I can wiggle my ears

100. I have gone skinny dipping


Betty said...

Sounds like you had a wild past! Going skinny dipping, to the liquor store at 17 and hitch hiking! :) I guess no one can fool you!
good for you, for reading the bible so many times. I can´t even manage cover to cover once! To undisciplined! Sad, I know.
And you don´t carry a purse?! Where do you put your wallet, or glasses? :))
Very interesting!

Meadowlark said...

Enjoyed these! Thanks for sharing!

Meadowlark said...
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