Saturday, December 5, 2009

Here's 99/1% in action, Kathie...

So this is how my day went, for those of you who aren't on my Facebook. I set out at 7 am to begin my oh-so-dreaded grocery shopping. First stop was Walmart. Then Save a Lot. As Dear Hubby helped me carry in the load from Save a Lot he said, "This is it, right?" and I told him no, I still had to go to Fred Meyer. He said, "Wouldn't it be wiser to just do your shopping at one store? Especially since you come home between each one?" Men! What do they know?! I told him all 3 are so, with a pick up truck, everything I buy is visible. I have always felt it's better to bring things home in between so no one steals my groceries or whatever else I've bought.

Well, silly me.

I went into Fred Meyer. I bought my groceries. I said "Goodbye!" to the greeter at the door. And I pushed my cart out into the parking lot, heading toward my truck. Only to find a blue Mustang parked in my parking spot. And a lady getting out of the car. I must've stood there with a stupefied look on my face. I said, "You're parking your car where my truck is supposed to be!" That drew her up short and she said, "What?!" I said, "My truck...I parked it right there when I went in to do my shopping!" She gazed back at her car in disbelief, too. Then she said, "Now, stop and think for a minute. You know, we all get so busy. Are you sure you didn't park it on the other side of the store and maybe just forgot? I've done that at the mall before," she told me. I began second-guessing myself for a moment but then I said, "No. I'm like 99% positive I parked right there."

Somebody stole my truck.

In broad daylight.

Right in front of the pop can return machines with lots of people standing there.

Someone very smooth and sneaky, that's for sure.

So...I turned around and pushed my shopping cart back in to the store. I shop at Fred Meyer a lot so when the greeter saw me coming back in he gave me kind of a funny look. Well, I gave him kind of a funny look, too. And I told him, "Somebody stole my truck!"

Everyone in the store was so kind and helpful. They made a...stressful...moment so much easier to deal with. And the kind ladies at Customer Service gave me a phone to call Dear Hubby. I told him, "Somebody stole my truck!" and I heard a stunned silence and then, "WHAT?!" "Yup," I said, "and I'm standing here with a full cart of groceries that need to get home." "I'll be right there," he told me. And he was. And we got the groceries home. And called our insurance. And the Portland police, who sent an absolutely wonderful police officer to our house to take my report, one who was very sympathetic and empathetic.

And then we got in our other truck and drove to the Goodwill in Sandy.

Because, even when traumatic things happen, Life goes on.

It could've been much worse.

Whoever stole my truck could've taken it at gunpoint. Or maybe carjacked me. So God took care of me. And I'm thankful for that.


Jeanie said...

Oh my gosh, that must have been very unsettling. The only time I have ever had a car stolen was years ago. It had bad brakes. They got a few blocks away and the brakes went out, they ran into a fence and ran from the car. I hope the police find your truck and that it is okay.

KD said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm very glad you didn't get your groceries stolen as well! That would have added insult to injury. keep us posted if they find your truck!! :/

Betty said...

Like I said on fb, I really hope they find the truck soon. This can be so stressful!

Vera said...

I admire you for seeing the silver lining even in this very stressful experience. You're right, it could have been taken in more awful situations so I too am thankful that you are safe.

I hope they find it, and whoever took it.

Dori said...

Holy smokes, Kris! I kept reading and waiting for the punch line--like you really did just forget where you'd parked or something like that. Wow. But you are sooooo right-if someone's going to steal your truck that was the safest way to do it! Here's hoping they find it quick. And all intact. fb info is still all the same since you're back on.

Donna said...

One of those things a person thinks will never happen to her. Wow.