Saturday, December 19, 2009

Living in Mr. Magoo Land....

I have something in common with Mr. Magoo. Neither one of us knows just how bad our eyesight is. I mean, seriously. When I went to the eye doctor this morning to pick up my new prescription and put them on it was like...WHOAAAAA! So that's what the world looks like! So I, the most camera-shy and I-HATE-myself-in-pictures person in the world, am coming out of the shadows to say hello, especially to the many new readers I've been noticing in my Feedjit who probably haven't been around for any of my rare 'appearances' on here. It won't be here long, most probably for the weekend and that's it...but here I am.
It's nice to meet you!


Anita said...

It's nice to meet you too!
Don't lose those glasses. :)

Betty said...

Hello Kris!
Don´t be mad but since you threatened with taking your pic down, I saved it to my pic´s. Then I can look at it whenever I forget what you look like.... haha
I love this picture, but I´m sure it´s not often that you can sit in this couch and relax like that...
I´m amazed how much you posted since yesterday. Can´t wait to read the rest.