Sunday, December 6, 2009

Where Edna is From

Another edition of "Where I'm From" has trickled in to my Inbox. This one is from a Canadian friend of mine named Edna. She's not a fellow blogger but somehow she stumbled across mine a few years ago and has been coming back ever since. Sometimes I'll spot a comment from her. Sometimes there'll be an email. But she has become a treasured friend, too. And this is where she's from:

I am from Dick & Jane readers, from Coffee crisp bars and orange sugar cookies.
I am from the two-storey farm house without plumbing, with frost-patterned windows in winter.
I am from the rhubarb, lilacs and northern lights, the crabapple tree, dandelions and long summer evenings.
I am from Christmas gift exchanges and a wacky sense of humor, from Cornelius and Helen and Doells and Olferts.
I am from the gardeners and cooks and from “make-it-yourself” or “make do”. I am from Saskatoon picking, chicken slaughtering, gopher trapping and catching crayfish at the dugout.
From chewing caragana seeds and chamomille growing in the back yard, and for illness downing wonder oil soaked sugar cubes.
I am from pacifist Annabaptist-Mennonite, Russian immigration 1874 . I am from Sunday morning church services, and morning Bible reading and evening prayers.
I'm from Winkler, Manitoba, Mennonite stock, bubbat, rhubarb/banana jam and halvah.
From the father called on by the hospital for RH negative factor blood donations to save women in childbirth, the mother from a family of 11 surviving the dirty thirties in Saskatchewan, and the grandma who died young.
I am from black and white photos of four girls, oval-framed wedding photo, a little tin box of treasures in Dad’s metal trunk.
I am from love, long chats, family get-togethers, kinship and soulmates. I can hardly ask to be from more.


Jeanie said...

That is wonderful, Kris.
she sounds like a very grounded person.

Anita said...

"I am From..."
Great three word beginning to get the mind thinking about ones life.
Very good entry by Edna.

Edna said...

Kris, the template for "Where I'm from" was sent ahead of time to my sisters and two cousins that joined us for our Christmas supper on Saturday. We shared them with each other and the common thread that ran through them was remarkable. Thanks for your inspiration, and for honoring me with this post.

Anonymous said...

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