Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fate's Fickle Finger is driving me nuts...

I don't know why, but I just read recently that Tina Turner turned 70 years old back around Thanksgiving time. 70!!!! I must admit I've lost track of her in the past decade or so since her 'star' kind of faded after some hits but...even so...70?!?

I know, I know. It's been pretty quiet here lately. The main reason is because my high-speed internet connection has been 'iffy' at best. I don't know why but when we have a lot of east wind blasting at us out of the Columbia River Gorge my internet gets a case of the 'flickers'. On and off and off and on. Usually on thru the day. Usually off when I have my little windows of time where I can sit down and write. Last nite after dinner I sat down to write and....


So it goes.

I don't have a particularly close family as far as siblings and their extended families go. But I've made a recent connection with one of my nieces. We have never had much contact with each other, mainly because she grew up in California after my brother's divorce. But hopefully we can establish at least some kind of a personal connection here. I sent a message to her sister who recently joined Facebook as well but I've yet to hear from her. There isn't much action going on with her page so I don't think she's checked it and found my note to her. Divorce stinks, doesn't it?

Dear Hubby told me the other day a co-worker came up to him on the quiet when he found Dear Hubby off doing something by himself. This man has had all kinds of marital problems in the past year and over New Year's everything fell apart. He knows Dear Hubby and I have been married forever and he wanted to know how we've managed to have a happy marriage all these years. How do you describe a happy marriage?! Dear Hubby had to really put on his thinking cap on that one. He told Tyler it's mainly because, for 33 of our almost 36 years together, we've been Christians. For another, we allow each other to be our individual selves, too, besides being a couple. He said I never hassle him about anything, and I can say that's true about him, too. We rarely ever fight. At least, not major squabbles. We have our irritable moments with each other but that's just life. We don't 'demand' things of each other. Neither one of us rules the roost. We co-exist quite well, thank you.
Dear Hubby asked me yesterday, "If someone comes to you for advice and you give it and then you find out they didn't follow it, does that drive you crazy?" I thought about it for a moment. "No," I said. I expect it. Humans beings are such funny, fickle, weird, obstinate, clueless, strange beings. I never expect anything out of them except the unexpected. That way I'm never disappointed.

Well, it took forever for my internet to come on this morning and it's now time to head off into my day. Oh, how I hope it's a little less hectic! Cooper's been having urinary issues and needs...or thinks he go potty every 5 minutes. Sometimes, as soon as I have his diaper back on him, he wants to go again. My heart goes out to him because I know he's uncomfortable but I must've taken him potty 30 times the other day. Up down, up down. But I've been plagued with UTIs for the past couple of's NOT fun. Hopefully the antibiotic will kick in soon and he'll be better. You might say a little prayer for him, bless his heart.


Meadowlark said...

Congratulations on your years of marital bliss. We're at almost 25, and I would say the last 3 have been pretty blissful. Before that... well, I guess we're stubborn.

I've probably told this story (in some version) here before, but at my Grandparent's 45th anniversary celebration my Grandpa got up and made a toast to 42 wonderful years. My Gramma laughed and corrected him "we've been married forty-FIVE years, sweetie". My Grandpa looked her in the eye and deadpanned "They weren't ALL wonderful." :)

They went on to tell us kids that there will be times that you simply DO NOT LIKE the person you are married to. That sometimes you'll look across the table and think "What in the world was I thinking", but it's in those moments that you'd better suck it up and figure it out - you loved them once, it's time to find it again.

It's worked so far. :)

Peace (sorry for being longwinded)

Betty said...

I will pray for little Cooper! Poor guy! I hope he´s better soon.

Wander to the Wayside said...

Good to hear about your niece...I've done the same thing, been pretty much estranged from my siblings, but found my niece on FB a year ago and we send little notes to each other now and then. It's nice to have even that little bit of connection, isn't it?

David and I have been married 36 years, but I would be hard pressed to say why sometimes. There are definitely those periods where you say "what was I thinking?", but then there are an equal number of times when you look at them and think "how lucky am I?!".